WATCH: Wade Bowen Honors Musical Heroes Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson & More in New Video ‘A Guitar, A Singer, and A Song’

by Jim Casey

Wade Bowen released a superb new album, Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth, on Aug. 12. And, in my opinion, it’s easily one of the best country albums of 2022. Longtime fans of the Texas mainstay are in for treat with the new project. All 12 songs on the new album were penned by Wade, along with top songwriters such as Lori McKenna, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan, Randy Montana, Ray Fulcher, and more. In addition, for the first time, Wade solely produced the project.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “A Guitar, A Singer, and A Song,” which features vocals from Vince Gill. Wade crafted the tune with Lori McKenna.

“I had multiple people fight me on this title because it was just kind of hard for people to grasp what I was trying to do,” says Wade. “When I brought it to Lori, of course she’s the kind of person that was just like, ‘Oh yeah, I see what you’re talking about there.’ And I love that she does that. It’s a crazy friendship that we have and to be able to get these lyrics out the way that I wanted. That third verse that Vince sings is actually my favorite part of where the whole idea came from. We’re all going to be forgotten, the whole point of doing what we do is to not be forgotten. To try to leave a mark on the world with a guitar and with your songs and with your voice.”

A Song, A Video

Wade pays homage to his musical heroes in the brand-new video for “A Guitar, A Singer, and A Song.” The new clip features photos of his inspirational icons, including Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Guy Clark, Don Williams, Kris Kristofferson, The Judds, and, of course, Vince Gill. In addition, you’ll spy photos of Wade’s contemporaries, including Cody Canada, Miranda Lambert, Randy Rogers, and more.

“We’re not all gonna be Dolly Parton, we’re not all gonna be Willie Nelson. So there’s a fear that comes with that as a songwriter that most of us don’t want to admit,” adds Wade Bowen. “I think admitting those fears and those weaknesses and just reminding yourself, ‘Hey, just keep working and hopefully people remember you when you’re gone.’ It’s a sad thought, I get it, but I love that this song got written because it seemed for a second there that it was not meant to be so I’m glad that we figured it out. I’d love to sing this song on any stage anywhere.”

Track List & Songwriters

Of course, standout tracks on Wade’s album are abundant. In fact, this project is best enjoyed in its totality as an actual cohesive set of songs. However, if you’re a singular “song” fiend, start with “It’s Gonna Hurt,” “A Beautiful World” featuring Lori McKenna, or the title track.

  1. Everything Has Your Memory (Wade Bowen, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan)
  2. Burnin’ Both Ends of the Bar (Wade, Randy Montana)
  3. Honky Tonk Roll (Wade, Randy Montana)
  4. The Secret To This Town (Wade, Heather Morgan)
  5. If You Don’t Miss Me (Wade, Ray Fulcher)
  6. A Beautiful World featuring Lori McKenna (Wade, Lori McKenna)
  7. She’s Driving Me Crazy (Wade, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan)
  8. Knowing Me Like I Do (Wade, Clint Ingersoll)
  9. It’s Gonna Hurt (Wade, Drew Kennedy)
  10. Say Goodbye (Wade, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan)
  11. A Guitar, A Singer and A Song featuring Vince Gill (Wade, Lori McKenna)
  12. Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth (Wade, Lori McKenna)