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WATCH: Willie Nelson Lights Up with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart in Hilarious New Commercial

by Clayton Edwards
Willie Nelson at Luck Ranch in 2022
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images for Shock Ink)

What happens when you put Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and Martha Stewart in one place? No, the answer isn’t “the best special brownies ever baked.” Instead, it’s a hilarious commercial for Bic lighters.

Willie Nelson shared the ad for the Bic EZ Reach lighter on his social media earlier today. “Thanks to Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart for introducing me to the Bic EZ Reach lighter. It’s perfect for lighting candles, incense, and sooo much more,” he wrote in the post’s caption. Check out the hilarious ad spot below.

In the commercial, we see Willie Nelson getting ready to light a candle. He picks up the EZ Reach lighter and mentions that it lights hard-to-reach places before he gets an unexpected video call from Snoop Dogg. The rapper is missing his favorite lighter and sees it in Nelson’s hand. Then, Martha Stewart joins the call to say that she’s missing a scented candle. We then see Willie using Snoop’s lighter to light Martha’s candle.

The ad is packed with thinly-veiled jokes about how much grass both Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg smoke. At the same time, it introduced us to the power trio we didn’t know we needed. In the past, Snoop and Willie have had legendary smoke sessions. Also, the Long Beach native has been friends with Martha Stewart for years. This commercial sees those iconic duos becoming one ultra-cool trio.

This Isn’t Willie Nelson’s First Commercial

Willie Nelson has been the face of several ad campaigns over the years. For instance, he starred in the Skechers “Legalize Comfort” Super Bowl ads. Fans also heard Nelson’s iconic tune “On the Road Again” in a commercial for the 2017 Volkswagen Passat. However, he didn’t appear in that commercial. Instead, a lookalike took his place.

Back in the 90s, Willie Nelson signed on for a couple of fast food commercials. He sang about Taco Bell’s newly-added steak options in a song called “The Woman with the Rose Tattoo,” in one commercial. Later, Willie teamed up with Waylon Jennings to do an ad spot for Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza.

Snoop and Willie Walk into a Hotel Room in Amsterdam…

In a recent interview, Snoop Dogg revealed the highest he’s ever been. Honestly, the setup for the story sounds like the beginning of a joke. Snoop and Willie Nelson were in Amsterdam on 4/20. The rapper recalled, “We went back to his hotel room and we was playing dominoes. So, Willie had a vape, a joint, I hand a blunt, and he had a pipe.” As the games of dominoes kept going, Nelson kept smoking. “He keeps passing it to me and I was like ‘This old motherf***er is out-smoking me.’ I’m trying to stop but I can’t because I don’t want to show no signs of weakness.”