WATCH: Wynonna Judd Performs ‘Other Side’ Live for the First Time

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Wynonna Judd appeared in Duke Spirits’ The Masters Music Series last week to debut a live performance of Other Side.

Before jumping in the mellow tune, the singer explained that she teamed up with the indie folk band Waxahatchee to create the song. And she shared that while doing so, she discovered that lead singer Katie Crutchfield is her “soul sister in song,”

While the original version is a duet with Crutchfield, Judd sang a solo performance.

The concert series premiered on Oct. 7 with the goal of featuring “an accomplished group of musicians and writers, showcasing and supporting both emerging and established artists through various programs and initiatives.”

Wynonna Released ‘The Other Side’ to Keep a Promise to Her Late Mother

The single, which she dropped last May, was her first since 2020. And it came less than a month after the passing of her mother, Naomi Judd. Though Wynonna Judd was publically navigating through intense grief at the time, she said that putting the song out there was her way of keeping a promise.

“In the midst of everything that has happened, I said that I would continue to sing,” the 58-year-old wrote on Instagram. “So, here I am. I met @waxa_katie last year and we connected immediately.”

The Grammy-winning singer explained that the duo recorded the single in her studio located on her farm in Leipers Fork, TN, which is just outside of Nashville. And she admitted that it was one of her “favorite recording experiences ever.”

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to sing with the next generation of greatness,” she added.

In a press release, Crutchfield responded by admitting that it was a privilege to work with a true Country music icon.

“Wynonna is an icon and a fountain of wisdom,” she said. “Sharing space with her to create something new was really nothing but a joy and an honor. Her spirit inspires me daily and her continued encouragement has meant the world.”

Wynonna Follows Through with The Judds: The Final Tour

Wynonna Judd is also keeping her promise to Naomi by honoring the dates for The Judds: The Final Tour despite the passing of Naomi.

The mother-daughter team created the band in the 1980s. And it went on to be one of the most successful Country Western groups in history. The concert series was intended to be an encore for the group, which broke up in the 1990s due to Naomi’s failing health.

“As I walk out on stage that first night, I’ll probably say something like, ‘It’s not supposed to be like this,’ because it’s not, right? It’s supposed to be the two of us. And I’m gonna be angry because she’s not there,” she told CBS Sunday Morning ahead of the tour. “I wanna come out on stage and sing from my toenails a song that helps someone out in that audience. … It’s about me singing to help someone feel better. That’s always in my spirit.”