WATCH: Zac Brown Pauses Performance to Chew Out Problematic Fan

by Shelby Scott

If you’re looking to stir up trouble at a country music concert, I suggest avoiding doing so while Zac Brown Band performs. Outsiders have seen some rowdy, troublesome concert-goers before. However, on occasion, the performing artists take notice, and, like Zac Brown, they take action as needed. A new clip from one of the group’s recent concerts shows frontman Zac Brown himself booting a troublesome fan from the venue in order to keep the show safe and entertaining for everyone else. Check it out.

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The incident was caught entirely on camera by an attending fan. The video sees Zac Brown interrupt his and his band’s performance of their classic hit “Chicken Fried” when he allegedly saw a man screaming in the faces of a nearby woman and a little girl.

“Security, come here,” Brown interrupted the set. “This guy in the black shirt, I want him gone, right now. I just watched him scream in the face of a little girl and another lady. Get the f—k out of here.”

According to The Boot, the Zac Brown Band frontman’s confrontation came during one of their stops on the Out in the Middle Tour. As security removed the troublesome fan from the venue, fans booed the man on his way out. Zac Brown, hardly deterred, added, “You don’t treat a lady like that,” which was met with applause from fans.

Getting back into the groove of their ongoing set, the Zac Brown Band frontman said, “Let’s try it again.”

Zac Brown Band to Perform At Benefit Concert Amid Ongoing Tour

Zac Brown Band’s Out in the Middle Tour goes throughout the fall. But, while the group already has a busy season, they plan to make an extra stop in Nashville next month.

In 2021, Zac Brown Band drummer John Driskell Hopkins was diagnosed with ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Hopkins, or “Hop,” previously compared his diagnosis to cerebral palsy, with the affliction primarily affecting the drummer’s nerves.

Now, he continues to battle the disease. In response, the Zac Brown Band plans to make a stop at the Ryan Auditorium on September 22nd. The benefit concert’s proceeds go to Hopkin’s charity, Hop on a Cure.

In a statement about their upcoming performance, Zac Brown said, “Playing in Nashville, my home away from home, is always something special. This particular one is meaningful because we’re raising awareness and funds for one of our very own through Hop on a Cure. We see all the love and support Hop has received thus far so we’re gonna bring the house down and show folks a good time in appreciation.”