WATCH: Zach Bryan Stops Mid-Song to Break Up Fight in the Coolest Way Possible

by Clayton Edwards

Live music is a beautiful thing. These days, it’s one of the only things that can bring people from all walks of life together under one roof. However, sometimes, when you get that many people in an enclosed space and give them booze, things can get a little dicey. This is especially true when emotions are running high. Honestly, I can’t think of an artist right now that inspires more emotional beer consumption than Zach Bryan. At a recent show, things got a little heated and Zach had to break up a fight in the crowd.

If you’ve ever been to a concert where a fight breaks out, you know the drill. Usually, the music stops, security intervenes, and they haul everyone involved out of the show. By the time the music starts again, the actions of a couple of people have put a serious damper on the evening for the rest of the crowd. However, that’s not how Zach Bryan gets down.

From a couple of tweets about the altercation, it seems that Zach Bryan stopped in the middle of a song to break up a fight at his May 20th show at Bonner Springs, KS stop of his American Run tour. Instead of getting security involved, Zach asked the pair of knuckleheads to chill out and let them stay for the rest of his set. More than that, the Oklahoma native was incredibly nice about stopping the fight.

Twitter user Cassi was there and caught the whole thing on video. Watch Good Guy Zach Bryan settling a dispute between fans below.

Zach Bryan Stops a Fight in the Coolest Way Possible

It all started out pretty normally. Zach Bryan shouted, “Hey, knock it off! Hey, as*hole!” and the crowd cheered. Then, he switched things up a little. “I’m sorry,” Bryan said, “I didn’t mean to call you an as*hole… Just stop the fight.”

However, the coolest part about the interaction was when Zach told the guys, “Hey, bro, security’s not gonna take you out. Just stop the fight. Deal?” He added, “Don’t fight in the parking lot either, please.”

After that, Zach Bryan asked the guys who were fighting, “You good?” a few times to make sure everything was alright before apologizing to everyone for the pause, “Sorry about you guys’ night.”

While this is really cool, it’s not surprising coming from Zach Bryan. At 26 years old, he understands what it’s like to be young and full of emotion and cold beer. Additionally, he has a connection with his fans like few artists these days do. A quick scroll through his social media will show you that he knows who helped put him on that stage and he won’t be forgetting that any time soon. Additionally, he wants to see everyone united under the banner of good music. As a result, it’s incredibly on-brand for Bryan to talk a couple of aggressive young guys down, make sure everyone is okay, and carry on with the show.

The world needs more guys like him.