What Does the Video Tyler Childers Posted Mean?

by Clayton Edwards

It takes a certain amount of star power to set social media on fire with a single post. Tyler Childers is the kind of guy who can do that. Earlier today, Childers shared a short video on his socials, and it has everyone talking. Check out the video below.

So, what does this mean? Honestly, only Tyler Childers and his team know exactly what’s going on and they aren’t saying anything just yet. Hopefully, it means that new music is coming soon, but we won’t know for sure until Childers makes an official announcement. However, we can make some assumptions based on Childers’ social media activity, some of his recent concert appearances, and the video itself. Let’s dive in.

Tyler Childers Isn’t Big on Social Media

Some artists are incredibly active on social media. However, Tyler Childers isn’t one of them. If you go to his Twitter page, you’ll see that he only posts important updates. Recently, Childers has used his Twitter to promote Healing Appalachia and other concert appearances. Back in April, he shared information about his shows at Red Rocks. However, before that, his last tweet was from August of 2021. Now, he’s dropped the cryptic video without comment.

More interesting, though, is Tyler Childers’ Instagram account. He hasn’t posted on that account since September of 2020 when he released his last album Long Violent History. The fact that he posted the video to his Instagram makes this a little more exciting.

The Setlists Tell a Tale

Not long ago, some Tyler Childers fans took to social media to complain about his setlists. He hasn’t been playing old favorites like “Whitehouse Road”, “Feathered Indians”, or “All Your’n” at shows. Instead, Childers has been playing a long list of unreleased songs. Tracks like “Percheron Mules”, “Luke”, “Triune God”, and others seem to have replaced them.

“Triune God”

For a while now, many fans have assumed that Tyler Childers and his band, The Foodstamps, were working on new material for an upcoming album. His recent social media activity may be another clue about new music.

Tyler Childers Delivers a Callback with the Cryptic Video

Let’s take a look back at the videos for “House Fire” and “All Your’n” from Tyler Childers’ 2019 album Country Squire. Childers produced theatrical videos for both songs as well as a lyric video for “All Your’n.” All three of those clips feature a common character – a bearded guy in a white shirt and suspenders played by Nashville-based bluegrass musician Casey Campbell. In the clips for “All Your’n” Campbell’s character also sports a head full of powerful psychedelic drugs. They both show the character tripping in the forest.

“All Your’n” Lyric Video

The video that Tyler Childers posted today features the same character in what looks to be the same wooded area. It seems like he passed out after his trip and just now waking up. He stands up, stumbles, and looks into the blinding light of the sun before the video comes to an abrupt end.

Could this mean that Tyler Childers is set to release a new single and music video? Could it be time for a new album? Only time will tell, but I’d be willing to bet that something new is coming. We’ll be following this one closely.