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Whiskey Myers Debuts ‘Whole World Gone Crazy’ From Upcoming ‘Tornillo’ Album

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Keith Griner/Getty Images)

Whiskey Myers is doing it yet again, and by it I mean dropping a slamming new single from their upcoming album “Tornillo,” titled “Whole World Gone Crazy.” Whiskey Myers is definitely giving us something to think about with this one.

“Whole World Gone Crazy” follows singles “Antioch” and “John Wayne,” and all three songs so far have featured a bluesy, rock and roll style. Each song has a subtle twist, though; “Antioch” has more of a traditional outlaw country influence, while “John Wayne” seems to take much more direct inspiration from gospel music. It all blends together to create a cohesive start to the album. The themes are definitely there; revenge, vengeance, sticking it to the man. Overall, these three songs promise something big, something image-heavy and symbolic. “Tornillo” is going to blow us all away.

Whiskey Myers’ New Single ‘Whole World Gone Crazy’ is Giving Pure Rock and Roll Vibes

But what about “Whole World Gone Crazy” on its own? This song keeps with the themes of the others, but it’s more about present-day struggles with politics and media coverage than the character-driven stories of “Antioch” or, to some extent, “John Wayne.”

“Whole World Gone Crazy” paints a picture of today’s society: politics, divisiveness, taking sides. The speaker in this song just wants to mind his own business, but all around him are reminders of what’s going on in the world. It seems like everything’s just gone crazy.

Musically, this song has less of the gospel influences that the other two singles have. This one is pure, unbridled bluesy rock and roll. There’s a rollicking guitar solo between the second verse and the final two choruses, which encourages some aggressive headbanging; it’s an endlessly fun song musically, with an interesting, topical take lyrically. The band posted a snippet from the song on social media. Head here to listen to the full song.

What We Know About Whiskey Myers’ ‘Tornillo’ Album So Far

Whiskey Myers releases “Tornillo” on July 29, and the band’s 6th studio album will feature 12 songs, all self-written and produced. They’re releasing through their own label as well, Wiggy Thump Records. Whiskey Myers promises a different sound from their other works, notably horns and saxophones, with backing vocals by gospel group The McCrary Sisters.

“Tornillo” is being recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, as well. During an interview with Outsider this year, frontman Cody Cannon spoke about the new album, and what fans can look forward to.

“So this will be our second self-produced album,” said Cannon. “Yeah, we wrote all the songs. Just kind of the same ol’ Wiggy stuff. We did go out there . . . we ventured. It’s going to have a little bit different sound. We added a bunch of stuff we haven’t used before. We just wanted to do something a little different. I mean, it’s still Whiskey Myers at its core. But it’s kind of fresh and a little bit different sound. We did a lot of brass and horns on this one, which is something we’ve always wanted to do.”