Whiskey Myers Had ‘No Clue’ What They Were Getting Into When They Appeared on ‘Yellowstone’

by Clayton Edwards

These days, just about everyone who listens to country music or Southern rock or watches Yellowstone knows who Whiskey Myers is. Appearing in the first season of the hit show gave them a huge boost. After the exposure that playing the soundtrack for a slow dance between Beth and Rip gave them, they blew up. Now, just about everybody is counting the minutes until their new album Tornillo drops tomorrow.

With that highly anticipated album only hours away, we’re going to go all the way back to the days before Yellowstone aired. It was also the time before many current fans had ever heard the name Whiskey Myers let alone the band’s music.

When Yellowstone premiered in the summer of 2018, Whiskey Myers was already going strong. They had four studio albums under their belts. At the same time, they had been playing shows all across the United States. However, the Costner-led western series propelled them to new heights. 

Recently, Whiskey Myers’ guitarist John Jeffers appeared on The Dutton Rules Podcast to talk about the new album, Yellowstone, and more.

Whiskey Myers Didn’t Know What to Expect from Yellowstone

Looking back, Jeffers said that he and his bandmates didn’t know what to expect from Yellowstone. “Our mindset going into it was, ‘Oh, that’s cool. Yeah, we’re down to do that. We’re open to do whatever.’” Then, Jeffers and the band found out that Kevin Costner was a cast member. They thought it was cool but still didn’t think “a whole lot” about the gig. “We just thought we were going to go play on a show and it was going to be fun.”

The guys in Whiskey Myers had no way of knowing how big of a hit Yellowstone would be or how it would affect them. In fact, Jeffers said they didn’t expect any real reaction from it. “We didn’t expect to have any sort of positive reaction,” he said. “We knew there wouldn’t be a negative reaction. I think it’s just right timing and the right moments and the right song in the right place.”

Almost immediately, Yellowstone fans wanted to hear more about Whiskey Myers. More importantly, they wanted to hear more of their music. There were enough fans of the show to make a huge change in the band’s trajectory.

Appearing on Yellowstone allowed Whiskey Myers to book bigger venues on tour. Additionally, it put them in more regional markets and gave them exposure to people who Jeffers said, “typically don’t hear” the band.

Tornillo hits streaming services at midnight tonight. If you’re planning on staying up late to hear what the boys have in store, you might just have a Dutton or two to thank for that.