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William Lee Golden and The Goldens Release Music Video Of Iconic Hank Williams Cover

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by Steven J. Cohen/Getty Images)

One of Hank Williams‘ most legendary songs has been brought back to life by a living legend. William Lee Golden and the Goldens recently released a music video cover of the iconic song I Saw The Light. It’s a must-watch for any country music fan.

William Lee Golden And His Sons Cover Legendary Hank Williams Song

The legendary country gospel song I Saw The Light was first written by Hank Williams in 1947. The original version didn’t exactly blow up. However, its popularity was again and again renewed by other artists who later recorded their own versions of the song. Now the song has been brought back to life again, this time by the legendary William Lee Golden in concert with The Goldens. Willie Nelson and his family released their own excellent rendition of the song a while back too.

The folklore surrounding what inspired Hank Sr. to write the original song varies quite a bit. One story seems to stand out above the rest though. As the anecdote goes, Williams was passed out drunk after one of his concerts in his usual fashion. Williams was notoriously tough to rouse from a slumber after he’d been drinking. When his mother and driver at the time passed the bright lights of the Airport near their home in Montgomery, Alabama she knew it was time to try and wake him up. “Hank, wake up, we’re nearly home. I just saw the light,” she said. The legendary songwriter then put a more spiritual spin on the situation and the rest is history.

The lyrics tell the story of a man hellbent on changing his ways and cleaning up his act. It’s a song about finally finding direction in life after the agony of wandering aimlessly. It’s about the type of salvation that can only be found through finding belief in a higher power, and not just getting high. The song has a similar line of messaging to the more modern song Where I Find God by Larry Fleet. That song is essentially about “seeing the light” through the calmness of normal everyday occurrences and realizing you “can’t find peace like that in a bottle or a pill.”

William Lee Golden’s Launches Second Band After The Oakridge Boys

William Lee Golden rose to prominence in the 70s and 80s as a member of the legendary country music group The Oakridge Boys. In 1986 he released his first solo album, something that reportedly really bothered other members of the group. They also didn’t like the fact that he stopped cutting his hair and shaving, so he left the group in 1987. In 1999 he made his triumphant return to the group. About a dozen years later, The Oakridge Boys (including Golden) officially got the invite to join the Grand Ole Opry.

Earlier this year, the 83-year-old started a new musical venture with his four sons. Together they formed a new band called The Goldens. The country music legend explained that recording music with his kids was a comforting and healing experience during times of trouble and anxiety. With that being said, the song I Saw The Light is an excellent tune for them all to team up on.