Willie Nelson’s Historic Tennessee Cabin Goes For Sale for a Huge Price

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)

Willie Nelson’s historic Tennessee rural retreat has hit the market. And anyone can snatch the splendid cabin getaway for just 2.5 million dollars!

The country music icon’s impressive cabin is truly a piece of music history. The log cabin getaway was built by the Red Headed stranger himself. It’s a three-bedroom and one-bathroom getaway that sits just an hour out of Nashville on 150 acres of rolling Tennessee land in Goodlettsville.

Willie Nelson’s “Hideaway” Is The Perfect Place For Any Nature Lover

The cabin has been dubbed “The Hideaway” by the iconic country music singer. Willie Nelson’s log-cabin getaway features a main residence – the center of which is a “great room,” notes a description of the property. This “great room” area consists of a living room and a kitchen space. There is also a stone fireplace with the perfect place to kick back on a cool evening. The loft sleeping space offers a unique feature in the impressively splendid log-cabin residence. Of course, the log cabin’s exposed beams help to provide that open feel. Making the cabin a spacious place for anyone to “hideaway.”

The Tennessee Property “Surrounds You With Nature”

The property is located just “30 minutes from downtown Nashville,” notes Ross Welch, a realtor who discussed the Tennesse property with Fox Business. The expert adds that the property “surrounds you with nature, ridgetop views, and serenity.”

“As you arrive, the property consists of roughly 40 pasture acres up front,” Welch says of the log cabin.

“And an almost mile-long driveway meandering its way back across another 110 acres of hardwoods,” the realtor adds.

“Back to a quaint cabin formerly owned by one of country music’s most recognizable outlaws, Willie Nelson,” Welch adds.

Welch and Matt Lawson are the realtors holding the impressive listing for Sotheby’s. And, according to reports, this property has only two owners in its history: Nelson, and the people he sold it to.

“Truly, this is a special property,” Welch says of the cabin.

“Offering proximity to a major city,” he adds. “Peace of mind engulfed in nature, and provides a history many places cannot match.”

A Legendary Story Within The Country Music Crowd Originated Inside The Cabin Walls

In 1970, this cabin caught fire. Thankfully Willie Nelson was not inside at the time. However, the event was the start of a legendary story about the Country Music Hall of Famer. According to the tale, the news of the fire prompted Nelson to rush to the cabin and rescue his cherished guitar that had been dubbed Trigger. The singer is also rumored to have salvaged a pound of marijuana from the property.

Willie Nelson was living on the property when the events that inspired his song Shotgun Willie took place. This, of course, went on to become the title song of Nelson’s 16th studio album back in 1973.