Wynonna Judd Cracks a Bud Light With Post Malone: ‘Music Has No Boundaries’

by Alex Falls
Erika Goldring / Stringer / Getty

Wynonna Judd is a part of certified country music royalty. As one of The Judds, she’s made her mark on the world through her infectious songs and dynamic stage presence. But she doesn’t limit herself to just country music. She knows music evolves over time and she embraces all genres regardless of how different they might seem from her own.

She showed off her open-minded take on music by posting a sweet moment she shared backstage. Judd enjoyed a Bud Light with rapper Post Malone. On paper, these two singer-songwriters appear very different. But they both know how to use music to get people moving. And they both know how to have a good time. Check out the two of them sharing a quick drink below.

Judd is clearly having a blast sharing a drink with Post Malone. She captioned the photo saying, “Music has no boundaries! @postmalone and @officialcmhof in one day #grateful.”

Wynonna Judd Carries On the Legacy of The Judds

Judd has faced an extremely difficult year. Her famed mother and co-star of The Judds country music group passed away by suicide in April. A loss so great would take most people out of the spotlight instantly. But Wynonna Judd carried on and continues her mother’s legacy.

Through these tough times, Judd credits one person for helping her through the pain. Her beloved husband Cactus Moser. She recently spoke to People and discussed the relationship that’s helped build her back up during the most difficult of times.

“He’s the most tough and tender man I’ve ever been with that I trust,” Judd said. “We are so connected. It’s crazy how connected we are. I trust him with my life, which I can’t always say that about men in my life.”

Her marriage to Moser is her third. They began dating in 2009 and married in 2012. Ten years in, she says that he gives her hope.

“He will take me by my hands and say, ‘Honey, you’ve done your best,'” Judd said. “And I start to cry. And he’s right. I’ve done my best. He helps me to give myself a break, because I’ll try to be really eloquent, or I’ll try to say something brilliant or try to come up with the right answer and he’ll say, ‘Honey? Stop. Take a breath.'”

Wynonna Judd was supposed to kick off a massive tour with her late mother before her untimely death. Instead of canceling the dates, Judd is carrying her mother’s legacy full steam ahead. She’s taking the stage with some of the biggest female names in country such as Brandi Carlile, Trisha Yearwood, and Faith Hill.