Wynonna Judd Opens Up About How Fans Are Helping Her Heal After Losing Naomi

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Helen Healey/NBC via Getty Images)

When Naomi Judd died in April, it left a hole in the country music world. Fans and fellow artists alike mourned her tragic passing. However, no one felt the pain of Naomi’s death like her family. Wynonna and Ashley Judd have been working overtime handling the press while also grieving. Wynonna is also busy carrying on the legacy she and her mother built as an iconic duo. She’s using their Final Tour to honor Naomi’s memory. Recently, Wynonna extended that tour into 2023.

The Judds burned up the charts in the 80s and 90s. They notched 14 songs at the top of the Billboard country chart. Additionally, the duo took home a trophy case full of trophies including 5 Grammys, 7 ACM Awards, and 9 CMA awards. More importantly, Naomi and Wynonna Judd made millions of fans who are now flocking to the dates on the Final Tour.

The tour isn’t just keeping Wynonna Judd’s mind occupied while celebrating her mother’s life and legacy. Her interactions with those fans are helping her heal after her tragic loss. She opened up about that in her recent appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna.

Wynonna Judd Says Fans Help Her Heal

Jenna opened the conversation by saying, “When I think of you on stage, surrounded by these fans that have adored you, that have adored your mom. It wasn’t how you expected it, at all. And yet, it feels like maybe it’s healing you.”

Wynonna Judd agreed. “It is because I get really sad and I get stuck in my own head. I’m swimming in the lake of me. And I go out on stage and I look out and I see a mother-daughter with the vintage – we don’t say old – vintage t-shirts and all of a sudden, things are better. I just feel better,” she said.

Wynonna Judd added, “I think you have to reach out for help. The fans are literally helping me through stuff that I would have to do on my own, honestly. So, I feel like they’re standing in the gap for me. They just are. They’re praying for me and I read their notes and I just feel loved. And that’s the greatest light therapy in this history of mankind.”

A Level of Trust

Wynonna Judd admits that she hears condolences from countless people and she doesn’t always feel like it’s genuine. “I have my moments where I’m like ‘well, that’s a load of crap.’ But, every now and then I go, ‘You know what, I believe you,’” she explained. Wynonna added that she believes fans when they pass along their condolences.

“I think the fans are genuine,” she told the Today hosts. “They’re sort of the people that you need in your life that tell you the truth. Sometimes, it’s not your favorite thing. But, you know you can trust them. I trust them and they trust me. That’s the truth and I think they really do mean what they say.”