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Wynonna Judd Pens Heartbreaking Song Inspired by Her Late Mother

by Samantha Whidden
Wynonna Judd with Naomi Judd
(Photo by Ed Rode/WireImage)

Over nine months after Naomi Judd passed away at 76 years old, Wynonna Judd unveils a new song that was inspired by her mother. 

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Judd revealed that she has been using her emotions over the loss of Naomi to write music while on The Judds’ final farewell tour. “I just wrote a song called Broken and Blessed,” Wynonna explained. “And that’s how I feel on this tour.” 

Wynonna then said she’s considering performing the new song during the 2023 leg of the tour. “I’m somewhere between hell and hallelujah is one of the lines in it,” Judd continued speaking about the new song. “This is me, I’m broken and blessed… and I struggle. And I think when I struggle, I say it onstage.”

Meanwhile, Wynonna Judd spoke about her mother’s struggles with mental health and they caused her mother’s death, which was ruled as suicide. Wynonna stated that Naomi’s heart does not represent her disease. “The word disease, dis-ease, is a horrific thing,” Judd explained. She also said that her mother’s heart is for her children. “She was as determined to die as she was to live and that’s her story. It’s part of the legacy, and it’s painful. And the music is what remains, just like love.”

The Judds’ final tour will resume on January 26th. Ashley McBryde will be the first guest joining the 2023 leg. The first stop will be in Hersey, Pennsylvania. 

Wynonna Judd Said The Judds Final Tour Has Helped Heal Her Following Her Mother’s Suicide 

Meanwhile, Wynonna Judd spoke to The Hollywood Reporter last week about how the Judds’ final tour has helped heal her after her mother’s death. 

As she spoke to the media outlet about the tour, Wynonna said that she had an incredible opportunity to heal by crying and really revealing her thoughts while on stage. “This is a whole other level of deep, and I wasn’t expecting it,” she explained. Judd also said that she’s met fans that relate to her struggles. “Other people are responding in a way that I wasn’t expecting.”

Judd then said that people have shared stories with her about losing their loved ones. They also relate to everything she’s said and sung. The singer and songwriter described the conversations she’s had with fans as being intensely deep and personal for her. 

Although she was incredibly heartbroken over the loss of her mother, Wynonna stated that extending the farewell tour was an easy decision for her. “I really went out with a full heart for the fans and a broken one for my personal experience,” she went on to add. “And the two just intertwined in a way that I wasn’t expecting.”