Wynonna Judd Responds to Sister Ashley’s Op-Ed on Naomi Judd’s Death

by Shelby Scott

Last April, country music fans mourned the death of 76-year-old Naomi Judd after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head took her life. Now, more than four months after her death, Judd’s daughter Ashley has released an op-ed in the New York Times, speaking out about the horrifying experience of finding her still-laboring mother alive moments before the fatal shot killed her. After sharing with the public how the horrors of that encounter continue to haunt her, Ashley Judd’s famous sister Wynonna praised her tell-all op-ed, which she entitled “The Right to Keep Private Pain Private.” See what the country singer had to say below.

Speaking to her followers, Wynonna Judd wrote, “My sister has written an op-ed for the [New York Times]. WELL DONE, [Ashley]. I STAND BESIDE YOU AND WITH YOU IN THIS.”

A report from the Daily Mail reveals just how terrifying Ashley Judd’s final encounter with her dying mother truly was. The outlet reports that not only did Ashley Judd find her suffering mother still alive, but police “harshly” interrogated her and kept her from comforting Naomi in her final moments.

“I felt cornered and powerless as law enforcement officers began questioning me while the last of my mother’s life was fading,” she said. An updated version of the outlet’s original report states Ashley Judd’s heartbreaking statement comes amid her efforts to prevent the public from having access to police records in sensitive and intimate personal situations.

Remembering the painful impact of the interrogations on that tragic day, Ashley Judd further stated, “Family members who have lost a loved one are often revictimized by laws that can expose their most private moments to the public.”

Wynonna Judd Sees Love From Fans Following Ashley’s Emotional Op-Ed

Fans, empathetic toward Ashley and Wynonna Judd’s loss, flocked to the comments following the latter’s post with comforting words.

“The media are monsters,” one of Wynonna Judd’s followers wrote. “Hold strong, heal, & find peace within and among one another.”

A second commenter said, “My heart aches for you and Ashley. Praying for peace and healing for you all.”

On top of her fans, Wynonna and Ashley Judd also saw support from actress and comedian Rosie O’Donnell. At the top of the comments section, the stand-up’s comment read, “so sorry for all this cruelty to you and ashley – sending [love].”

The Judds have seen continued support in the months following their ionic mother’s passing. However, one could argue that Ashley Judd’s emotional op-ed has inspired a whole new strand of empathy. In recalling the horrifying encounter discovering her dying mother, the 54-year-old said, “The trauma of discovering and then holding her laboring body haunts my nights.”