Wynonna Judd Says She and Ashley Have Grown Closer Since Naomi’s Death

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/Getty Images)

When Naomi Judd died by suicide in April of this year it sent shockwaves through the country music world. As one half of The Judds, Naomi was a country icon. Sadly, this meant that her daughters –Wynonna and Ashley Judd – and the rest of her remaining family wouldn’t be able to grieve privately. Along with dealing with the sorrow of losing a loved one alongside making final arrangements the remaining Judds had to deal with the rumor mill. One rumor that started soon after Naomi’s passing was that her daughters were locked in a feud over her estate.

Wynonna Judd addressed the alleged feud in an interview earlier this month. She said that there was no truth to the rumor. Not only that, it made no sense. “I have such a great life. Ashley has such a great life. Why would we be fighting over the will,” she said.

Yesterday, Wynonna Judd appeared on Today. During her visit, she opened up a little more about her relationship with her sister.

Wynonna Judd on Her Relationship with Ashley Judd

Hoda Kotb wanted to know how Wynonna and Ashley Judd’s relationship had evolved since Naomi’s passing. “When I became an orphan, I took a real strong look around me and said, ‘Okay. Forgiveness. Forgiveness is key,’” she said. Wynonna went on to say “Ashley and I are closer than we’ve been in a long time.”

Then, Wynonna Judd threw a little shade at the rumor mill. “So, get off our backs, press. We love each other.”

“We show up for each other. We don’t agree on much, but we support one another. And we agree to disagree. We’ve had some tough conversations lately about ‘What are we going to do now that we have each other?’”

In a previous interview, Wynonna Judd talked a little more about how her mother’s passing impacted her relationship with Ashley. “I feel like we’re connected in a way that is so different. Because I’m an orphan. Both of my parents are gone, and I’m relying on Ashley. She’s relying on me in a different way that’s about compassion. It’s not about being successful and smart and capable. It’s about ‘I love you.’ ‘ I love you too.’ We’re vulnerable with each other and we’re tender.”

A Growing Family Circle

Wynonna Judd told the Today hosts that she just met her brother two years ago. Much like her relationship with Ashley, she’s getting closer to her brother. “I’m doing it one person at a time, you guys. I’m just saying, ‘Okay, let’s have a conversation.’”

Wynonna Judd said that losing her mother had a huge impact on how she deals with her siblings. “I’m an orphan. So, I feel a lot more tender than I did. And I was always tender-hearted but I feel even more so now,” she explained.