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Wynonna Judd Says She’s Working on a New Album: ‘Hopefully for This Year’

by Clayton Edwards
Wynonna Judd performs in 2022
(Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images)

For many artists, songwriting is a form of therapy. Wynonna Judd is no different. After losing Naomi to suicide last April, Wynonna has been working hard to heal. Part of that healing process has taken place while on what would have been The Judds’ final farewell tour. However, she had to do some of her healing in private. Wynonna did at least some of that by sitting down and writing some new songs.

Recently, we learned that Wynonna penned the new song “Broken and Blessed” about losing Naomi Judd. “That’s how I feel on this tour,” she said. However, that’s not all she’s been working on. In an interview with Billboard, Wynonna revealed that she is working on a new album.

Wynonna Judd Hopes to Release a New Album This Year

Wynonna’s most recent release was an EP of cover songs in 2020 called Recollections. Before that, Judd’s last release was Wynonna & the Big Noise which was her first full-length album of original material since 2003’s What the World Needs Now Is Love. So, any new release from her would be enough to get fans excited. However, the record she’s working on promises to be special.

“We are working on a new record, hopefully for this year,” Wynonna Judd told Billboard. “I’m writing songs, and I just finished one called ‘Broken and Blessed,’ and it talks about being somewhere between hell and hallelujah. That’s where I’m at – I walk through it and deal with it and find meaning in it.”

Wynonna Judd’s next offering will be full of soul-searching material because she’s writing from and about what she’s dealing with. “Suicide is as deep as the ocean, as far as the depth of sadness and all these emotions, but the music continues to absolutely give me purpose. I’ve found a way to write from a very deep, personal space,” Judd revealed.

Wynonna Aims to Add Collabs to the New Album

Right now, Wynonna Judd’s new album is in the writing and planning stages. As a result, she didn’t have many details to share. However, she was able to mention a few collaborations that might make the cut. Brandi Carlile has been with her throughout the tour and is also largely responsible for the return of Tanya Tucker. They’ll be working together soon. “We are working on a song and we don’t know if it will be on the record or not yet,” Wynonna revealed. “February 3-5 is already blocked off, and we are in the studio and we are going in between shows.”

That’s not the only country star Wynonna is looking to work with. She also said that she and  Trisha Yearwood “have talked about wanting to do something,” for the album. Additionally, Bobby Weir (Bobby Wier & Wolf Bros, Dead & Company, The Grateful Dead) may make an appearance. “I just had a show moment with Robert Weir and the Dead & Company guys and I looked at him like, ‘We’re going to do something together, right?’ It’s just palpable,” Wynonna added.

No matter who Wynonna enlists for the album, it has the potential to be one of the most poignant releases in recent memory.