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Wynonna Judd Speaks Out About Lisa Marie Presley’s Sudden Passing

by Samantha Whidden
Wynonna Judd
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

While continuing to mourn the loss of her friend, Lisa Marie Presley, Wynonna Judd speaks out about the death of Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s only child. 

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wynonna Judd said she was still in shock over the sudden death of Presley. Elvis’ daughter passed away earlier this month after suffering from a cardiac arrest in her Calabasas, California home. “It kicked my butt because she’s 54 years old,” Judd explained. “And I’m 58. And when you go through something like this, it’s just bizarre. It’s hard to comprehend.”

Judd also said she’s not only struggling with the loss of Lisa Marie but the loss of her mother, Naomi Judd, as well. Naomi passed away in April 2022 by suicide following a series of mental health struggles, and her death still remains fresh for Wynonna. “I’m not one of those people that says, you know, I’m praying for you, or, you know, my prayers and condolences, because I’ve been going through it myself.”

Judd went on to describe Lisa Marie’s death as being too heavy to talk about right now. “Maybe in some time, when we give it some time for things to settle. I just think, right now, I can’t imagine what they’re going through.” 

Judd has had a close friendship with the Presley clan over the years. Her stepfather, Larry Strickland, performed as a backup singer for Lisa Marie’s father in the 70s with the gospel group, The Stamps Quartet. 

Thousands Gathered at Graceland For Lisa Marie Presley’s Memorial Service 

Thousands of fans reportedly gathered at Elvis’ famous Graceland estate for Lisa Marie Presley’s memorial service on Sunday morning. The event consisted of touching tributes, which included performances by Axl Rose, Alanis Morissette, and Billy Corgan. 

Speaking out about his performance and speech at the event, Axl Rose said he was honored to sing for Lisa Marie. However, he didn’t know he was going to speak. “I still feel like I don’t know that I deserved to be there,” He told Entertainment Tonight following the event. “But I wanted to try to do right by her and her family and her fans. So it meant a lot, but I was pretty nervous and emotional up there.”

Axl Rose also said that Lisa Marie Presley had talked about him performing Guns N’ Roses’ single November Rain at her memorial service when the time came. “Of course, I had to be there,” the rock legend continued. 

During his speech, Axl Rose said he would continue to be shocked about what happened and the loss of Presley. “I feel like I’m supposed to be texting her right now. Saying, ‘I’m here,’ telling her how wonderful everyone is,” he explained. The musician shared he never imagined he would be singing at Graceland under the unfortunate circumstances. “This is truly devastating,” he added.