Wynonna Judd Speaks Out About ‘Malfunction’ During Sioux Falls Judds Tour Concert

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for ACM)

Wynonna Judd suffered some technical difficulties during her Sioux Fall tour stop this weekend.

Judd performed her third concert of The Judd: The Final Tour with the help of Martina McBride and Ashley McBryde on October 7th. The event was an overall success thanks to a massive crowd at the Denny Sanford Premier Center. But at one point, something went amiss and Wynonna appeared to hurt herself.

When the singer kicked off her 1983 hit Had a Dream, three giant screens showed a video of the original music video from decades past. Then Wynonna entered the stage from a lift. However, the entrance didn’t go as planned. As the bluesy opening words played from the speakers, Wynonna seemed to fall and then crawl onto the stage.

Once she pulled herself onto the floor, she didn’t stand. Instead, she readied her guitar as a stagehand ran to her aid. After a brief conversation, the stage hand gave her a microphone, and Wynonna carried on with the song and remained kneeling.

The Cry Myself to Sleep singer never addressed the situation to the audience. So most people assumed that she had injured herself during the supposed fall, and it took her a few minutes to rebound.

Last night, following her Green Bay event, Wynonna Judd finally explained what really went down. And apparently, the entire situation boiled down to shotty technology. But most importantly, she was not harmed in the process.

Wynonna Judd Did Not Fall During her October 7 Concert

The 58-year-old set things straight on Instagram after some so-called fans made a few unkind comments about her apparent tumble. Apparently, the lift stopped working before it carried her all the way to the stage. So she pulled herself up to the floor, with her guitar in tow, and went on as though nothing happened.

“A few thangs!!!!” she wrote.
“1. I love Sioux Falls.
2. I love Judds music and fellowship.
3. I do not trust technology… (I did NOT fall!!!!! We had a malfunction with the lift)
4. Singing on your knees ain’t always a bad thing. But, during the show, not my favorite & very humbling!
5. I will never forget Sioux Falls. Thank you all for being there for me. @ashleymcbryde and @martinamcbride thank you for having my back!”

Wynonna Judd did not explain why she wasn’t able to stand after the mishap. But we’re sure she had a good reason, and we applaud her for continuing with the show so gracefully. We’ve rarely seen performances that so perfectly proved that the show must go on.