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Your Weekend Soundtrack Is Here: New Albums for March 24, 2023

by Clayton Edwards
Carly Pearce performs at CRS Honors
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

It’s officially spring and the first New Music Friday of the season didn’t disappoint. We’ve got a crop of new albums from a long and eclectic list of artists. Do you want some smoking-hot country music? There’s plenty of that. Need a little bluegrass in your life? You’re covered. Maybe you’re in the mood for some rootsy folk music. You can get that, too.

Put simply, if you like good music, you’ll have no trouble plucking your weekend soundtrack from this crop of new albums.

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New Albums for March 24, 2023

  • Gettin’ Old – Luke Combs
  • 29: Written in Stone (Live from Music City) – Carly Pearce
  • My Kind of Country Live at the Catalyst – Jesse Daniel
  • Traveling Wildfire – Dom Flemons
  • Ridin’ – Eric Bibb
  • Celebrants – Nickel Creek
  • Cosmos – Darling West
  • Bones – Melissa Ruth
  • Working My Way Down – Mike Stinson & Johnny Irion
  • When the Trouble’s All Done – Ellie Turner
  • Running Blind – White Owl Red
  • Fever/Sky – Wilder Woods
  • The Art of Forgetting – Caroline Rose
  • Garden of Silence  – Michael Johnathon
  • Eyes Closed, Dreaming – Steve Dawson
  • Heaven & Hurt – Jenna Torres
  • Modern Cowboy – Two Runner
  • Alive in the Radio Age – Jay Carlis
  • Boys Club for Girls – Boys Club for Girls
  • Love (and Other Mysteries) – Tipps and Obermiller
  • Age of the Liar – The Burner Band

There are, without a doubt, a couple of albums that will soak up most of the attention today. Luke Combs just dropped Gettin’ Old. Also, Carly Pearce released a flawless live record. However, there’s plenty more to dig into here today. For instance, listening to the new one from Dom Flemons is like taking a master class in American folk music traditions. White Owl Red’s Running Blind presents a great blend of blues, country, folk, and rock. There’s so much to love this week.

With that being said, here are the new albums I recommend this week.

My Kind of Country Live at the Catalyst

If you’re a fan of the Bakersfield Sound, you’re going to love the new live album from Jesse Daniel. My Kind of Country will grab you from the opening note and won’t let you go until the final roar of the crowd. The band is airtight, Daniel’s vocals are spot-on, and the crowd is wild. In short, it’s a damn-near-perfect live album.

Live renditions of tunes like “Soft Spot (For the Hard Stuff)” and “Bringin’ Home the Roses” make this one worth checking out for any country fan.


I’ve said before that I could fit all of my knowledge about the blues into a shot glass. But, I don’t need ot be a blues scholar or historian to recognize a monster of a record when I hear it. The new album from Eric Bibb is just that – a monster.

Throughout the album’s 15 tracks, Bibb dives into contemporary social issues, historical events, and traditional tunes. If you put this record on and turn it up, it’ll get your toes tapping. If you really listen to what Eric Bibb has to say, you’ll learn a few things.

Modern Cowboy

Two Runner is a female folk/Americana duo from Northern California. However, most of the songs on their debut album sound like they were hewn from the hills of Appalachia. Bluegrass, old-time, and Scottish-style fiddling inform the arrangements for the duo. That vintage, rustic sound is a perfect backdrop for vocalist Paige Anderson’s hauntingly beautiful voice.

If you’re looking for something to scratch that mountain music itch, this is the new album for you.