Zach Bryan Is Absolutely Eviscerating Ticketmaster on Twitter

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Country star Zach Bryan has had an amazing year. His label debut album, American Heartbreak, took the industry by storm finding nearly immediate success on the charts. Bryan’s debut album dropped last may opening up at number 5 on the Billboard charts. A major success for a brand-new artist.

However, the soulful country music crooner is making waves right now for something outside of his songs. Joining an ever-growing list of fans and artists who are feeling anything but love for the well-known ticket peddler company, Ticketmaster. And it’s hilarious how the Something In the Orange singer completely eviscerates the company with just a few simple words on his Twitter account.

The post started as the singer responding to a tweet inquiring “I just want to know if @zachlanebryan realizes he’s Grammy nominated”. The country music singer quote-tweeted the post with the comment “NO WE JUST HATE TICKETMASTER”.

It’s a hilarious burn toward the company that has long controlled the ticket sale sector. Sure, StubHub and others have done well, but Ticketmaster has long ruled the business.

Fans Agree With Zach Bryan’s Take Sharing Some Widespread Frustrations With The Vendor

Fans were quick to react to Bryan’s post eviscerating the major ticket-sale company. In fact, Bryan had been responding to the major news for the last few hours.

“Didn’t understand your hatred for Ticketmaster until I just tried to buy presale tix for @TTChilders,” one fan writes.

The message continues to note that after multiple attempts to purchase, the site told them that another customer “beat” them to the seat. “Now I’ll pay double on the 2nd hand market. Unreal,” the Twitter fan adds.

“The more unhinged @zachlanebryan gets about Ticketmaster, the more I want to buy all of his merch,” quips another fan in response to Bryan’s tweet.

One fan leans into the comment jokingly wondering if the singer is “trying to get [Taylor Swift] tickets [right now]”. After all, Ticketmaster’s troubles started this week when the site crashed when fans tried to score tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming concert.

Of course, Zach Bryan had a series of tweets dissing Ticketmaster yesterday, Tuesday, November 15. These came out as news of the site’s issues surrounding Taylor Swift’s ticket sales hit social media. In one of his messages, Bryan says “on a day like this it feels right to reiterate that all my homies absolutely hate [Ticketmaster].”

Bryan Is Just In It For The Music

Most fans would automatically assume that Zach Bryan’s massively successful debut year would end with the singer competing for the CMA’s Song of the Year. Or even Album of the Year. However, there were no nominations tossed the singer’s way this year. And, while fans were not thrilled with the snub, Bryan didn’t seem to mind.

In a recent Twitter post, the singer notes that he will never “want to be considered at the CMAs”. The singer notes that his “pride is fine.”

“I appreciate all the love and support and I say it with every ounce of respect to other country artists,” Bryan continues in the comment. “Establishments will always be weird.”