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Zach Bryan Announces ‘Burn, Burn, Burn Tour’ in Legendary Infomercial Featuring Comedian Theo Von

by Clayton Edwards
Zach Bryan performs at the Ryman Auditorium
Photo by Mickey Bernal/Getty Images)

In 2022, the price of tickets through major sellers like Ticketmaster skyrocketed.  Countless fans took to social media to air their grievances. It wasn’t long before artists took notice. Zach Bryan, for example, launched a campaign against Ticketmaster and even called his first-ever live album All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster. In December, Bryan took to social media to tell his fans that tickets to his 2023 shows would be affordable. Today, he announced his Burn, Burn, Burn Tour and broke down how he was going to make the ticket-buying process as fair as possible.

Zach Bryan didn’t just take to social media to announce the tour and explain the process. Instead, he tapped comedian Theo Von to create a hilarious tour announcement video. Watch the Office-themed infomercial below.

The video opens with Zach Bryan speaking directly to the fans from what looks like his kitchen. “I’ve tried my best to make tickets as affordable as possible for the Burn, Burn, Burn Tour. Here is the awesome Texas resident, the self-proclaimed Rat King of America, and the only man to ever lease a mullet to his own skull to explain to you how it’s going to work. Thank you guys so much, can’t wait to see you there.”

Then, we get into the infomercial featuring Theo Von, the Lord’s Oyster. “What’s up you little orange-lovin’, happy and sad at the same time, Zach Bryan cult-worshipping good people of America,” he begins.

How to Get Zach Bryan Tickets

According to the video, tickets for Zach Bryan’s upcoming tour will start at $40 and won’t be more expensive than $130. Service fees will range between $10 and $20 per ticket. Also, ticket buyers will have to pay credit card fees and state taxes. Theo Von notes, “Zach and his sound homies have no control over” those fees.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to get their hands on those tickets. Those who want to have a chance to purchase tickets will need to register on Zach Bryan’s Fair AXS page. Registration is open from now until January 29th. Theo notes, “These registrations will be scrubbed to remove scalpers, bots, and low-road lizards.”

Those who register will be randomly selected to purchase tickets. Those who get selected will start getting emails on February 13th with purchase information. According to the video, “Tickets purchased on AXS cannot be transferred or resold for profit. So no grifters. They can only be resold at face value on AXS.com.”

The fine print goes on to say, “Tickets purchased on non-AXS ticketing systems in London, Philly, Nampa, and Wichita cannot be resold.”

These rules apply to Zach Bryan’s headlining shows only. ZB has no control over ticket sales at festivals or rodeos.

As Theo Von so eloquently put it, “We’re out here fighting the good fight with these human snakes at ticketing companies and dark-art bots on the internet. Good luck, and here’s to fair pricing for all.”