Zach Bryan Confirms He Has a New Album in the Works

by Clayton Edwards

Zach Bryan might be one the most prolific songwriter in the business today. In this year alone, he has released a massive album and an EP, and a new single. The 34-track opus that was American Heartbreak dropped in May. Then, in July, Zach gave us his Summertime Blues EP. However, with its nine tracks and 28-minute runtime, it could have been another album. Now, he has confirmed that he has a new record in the works.

Going back to how prolific Zach Bryan is, the announcement of his new album came from a conversation about an unreleased song. Bryan is currently on the road and is constantly writing songs. So, he’s been playing a handful of unreleased tunes during his shows. One of those is called “Deep Satin.”

Zach Bryan Confirms New Music Is Coming

A fan tweeted Zach Bryan to ask, “Real talk when is ‘Deep Satin’ coming out?” Bryan was quick to reply. He gave his followers more good news than they were expecting. “Next album, brother,” he replied, “around February!”

If the American Heartbreak album cycle is anything to go off of, Zach Bryan will probably release one single a month between the official announcement and release day. In another tweet, Bryan revealed that he’s already planning to release “Deep Satin” as a single from the as-yet-untitled record.

Bryan Bucks Mainstream Conventions

Zach Bryan is blowing up but he won’t forget where he came from. He’s getting radio play after American Heartbreak broke streaming records. However, he never wants to be a “mainstream” artist. He made that clear recently. “The mainstream is where artists go to die. I haven’t forgot that and I hope you all know that,” he said in a tweet.

Other than his success, there isn’t much “mainstream” about Bryan. His lyrical content is deeply personal and his overall sound doesn’t fit the current Nashville mold. However, it’s how Zach releases music and interacts with his fans and the music world that really sets him apart.

Most obviously, you’re not going to see a mainstream artist pumping out new music as quickly as Zach Bryan does. The tried-and-true method is to release a project and let it breathe before hinting at new music. He obviously doesn’t do that. Then, there is the way that news around Bryan’s releases breaks. While he has a manager and is signed to a label, Zach doesn’t put out press releases. Instead, he would rather all news come directly from him.

That strategy hints at the thing that draws so many to the young Oklahoma native and his music. Everything he puts out comes straight from his heart. It doesn’t matter if it’s new music, news, or just an optimistic tweet about the day ahead, it’s all authentic. That authenticity is the heart of what makes Zach Bryan one of the most popular acts in country music today.