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Zach Bryan Drops ‘All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster’ Live Album Recorded at Red Rocks

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan gave fans everywhere a present on Christmas Day with the release of his long-awaited Red Rocks live album. Aptly titled All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster, the live album was recorded at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

Zach Bryan has been very vocal about his opinions on Ticketmaster and their fees and price gouging lately. On Twitter, he blatantly shared his distaste for the company. He quote-tweeted a fan and wrote, “WE JUST HATE TICKETMASTER” in response.

One fan replied, “The more unhinged [Zach Bryan] gets about Ticketmaster, the more I want to buy all of his merch.” His unhingedness is well-deserved, though. Ticketmaster has been charging exorbitant fees and completely shutting down sales as they did with Taylor Swift’s new tour.

What Is Zach Bryan’s New Album Like?

All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster is a rough and rowdy exploration of Zach Bryan’s live presence. The album is 24 songs and is a look into which tracks Zach Bryan might consider his best. With all the care that he puts into his music, it’s clear that these songs are a good representation of Zach Bryan’s best.

The album opens with a rendition of “Country Roads” and then runs into a rousing performance of “Open the Gate,” which sounds incredible live. A live album is no stand-in for an actual live show, but Zach Bryan’s performances on this album definitely give listeners a sense of what his live shows are like.

Clearly, Zach Bryan takes care to give fans the most authentic experience possible. There’s no better place to do that than Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Why We All Hate Ticketmaster

This whole Ticketmaster thing seems to have kicked off when Bruce Springsteen used their dynamic pricing feature which eventually led to $5,000 tickets. Springsteen doesn’t seem to see anything really wrong with that, claiming that the cheap seats are still, well, cheap. But, things really took off during general sales for Taylor Swift’s new Eras Tour.

Not only was Ticketmaster charging astronomical fees, but they also ended general sales early. Ticketmaster and Live Nation, which are essentially the same company, have a monopoly on live music. That’s basically the only place to go to get tickets for high-profile tours. Ticketmaster can get away with charging insane fees, gouging prices, and ripping off fans who buy through their reselling program. The company also controls the artists that work with them and takes down anyone who won’t. This makes it hard for anyone to really make it independently in the industry.

Zach Bryan is doing a pretty good job of it though. He’s adamantly anti-establishment and it seems like he’s still doing well for himself. Though, it seems like if anyone can take down Ticketmaster it’s Zach Bryan.