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Zach Bryan Fires Major Shot at Nashville Country Music Scene

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan has taken the country music world by storm in the past year. His debut studio album American Heartbreak broke single-day streaming records on multiple platforms and it climbed the charts in historic fashion.

Bryan also currently possesses more than 13 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Currently, “Something in the Orange” and “Heading South” both hold more than 100,000,000 streams respectively.

Along the way, Bryan has ascended the country music hierarchy in a more nontraditional fashion. However, it seems as though he may have some disdain for the Nashville country scene, according to a recent tweet.

A recent reply tweet of Bryan’s has garnered a lot of attention as Bryan seems take a subtle dig at the current state of popular country music.

One fan was watching Zach Bryan performance on his TV screen. Then, they decided to take a photo and tweet the pic in a reply to the singer.

“Come back to Nashville,” the fan wrote.

However, Bryan had some other ideas. “Don’t belong, will never belong thankfully,” Bryan said.

Plenty of users took to Twitter to comment on Bryan’s diss of Nashville. Some fans completely agreed with Bryan, taking his tweet to be a slight at the pop-infused country music found on most radio stations.

“Not with what they’re putting on the radio these days,” one fan agreed. “I don’t/can’t bring myself to listen to country music radio these days. Garbage, repeating overly pop country. It sucks. He’s not that what they play on the radio.”

“Some people haven’t listened to ‘if she wants a cowboy’ enough lately,” another wrote, referencing one of Zach Bryan’s songs that subtly satirizes the current cliched state of country music radio.

Zach Bryan’s Anti-Establishment Stance Isn’t New

However, we shouldn’t be surprised by the tweet. Zach Bryan has long since portrayed himself as an outsider to country music’s establishment. He’s made that clear through his Twitter. While many fans were outraged that Bryan didn’t receive any nominations for the Country Music Association Awards, he made it clear that the omission didn’t upset him.

“Guys, I don’t and never will want to be considered at the CMAs,” he wrote in the first of three posts. “My pride is fine and I appreciate all the love and support and I say it with every ounce of respect to other country artists. Establishments will always be weird.”

Zach Bryan then elaborated on that first tweet in a second one. “In five years, all of these strange outdated systems will claim it was right in front of them the entire time.”

He then claimed he would rather laugh at not being nominated than being “butt hurt” about it.

His final sentence contained plenty of barbs for the country music establishment. “If these shows and companies wanted to be honest, they would have gotten into songwriting and not award giving.”

Zach Bryan then had to backtrack and clarify his previous statements. “To be clear, I’m not trying to insult the validity of a CMA,” he said. “I respect any artist who receives one and the existence of them.”

Bryan also added that he was speaking from his personal experience of an artist that’s never been widely accepted in those circles. “I’m just saying on a personal level it is not one of my priorities to have awards on a shelf in my home. There’s room for more important things there.”