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Zach Bryan Gives Major Shout-out to ‘Yellowstone’ for His ‘Favorite’ Scene Using One of His Songs

by Clayton Edwards
Zach Bryan performing at Windy City Smokeout 2022

Zach Bryan’s music has been showing up on Yellowstone since the show’s third season. “Condemned” played during the episode “Freight Trains and Monsters.” That nationwide exposure helped to boost Bryan’s career in a big way. The show wasn’t done featuring him or his music, though.

Zach Bryan made a cameo appearance in a recent episode of Yellowstone and performed a handful of songs from his most recent album. Then, his song “Tishomingo” appeared in the show’s mid-season finale, “A Knife and No Coin.”

Yesterday, Zach Bryan took to Twitter to give Yellowstone showrunners a shout-out for their use of the song. “My favorite Yellowstone scene with my song in it by far,” he wrote. “What it was intended for, American Cowboys.”

Zach Bryan’s Song Accompanies the Return of a Yellowstone Fan Favorite

Yellowstone fans had been curious about what happened to Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White). He has been absent from the show since choosing to remain on the 6666 Ranch with his new love. The last time fans saw the Texas-bound cowboy was at the end of season five. So, getting a glimpse into his life in Texas was a treat for many fans.

Hearing Zach Bryan’s “Tishomingo” no doubt made the moment even better for many Yellowstone diehards. The song played as Jimmy and his fellow ranchers prepared to get to work moving cattle. As a result, fans got to spend a few minutes with Jimmy and hear almost the entire song.

Why the Song Fits So Well

Zach Bryan’s “Tishomingo” fits this Yellowstone scene like a glove. On the surface, it’s a song about a working cowboy. Additionally, Bryan’s Red Dirt-leaning style is right at home in Texas. More than that, some of the lyrics seem to mirror Jimmy’s journey.

In the opening verse, Zach Bryan sings, “And I know that mama said that love’ll lead you home. / But I’ve been traveling this lonely road for way too long.” Then, in the chorus, he adds, “I’ve been heading down a dark cold road. / I’ve been dreaming of a porch swing with some lights / Hoping I can find myself back home.”

Those lyrics would probably strike a chord with Jimmy. After all, his work with the Duttons was just another handful of miles in the dark road he was already on. Now, however, he seems to have straightened himself out and is obviously in love and happy. At the same time, he’s thousands of miles away from the place he’s called home for years and the people who felt, in some ways, like an extended family.

We’ll have to wait to see what’s in store for Jimmy and Emily and if Yellowstone will feature more of Zach Bryan’s tunes when the series returns later this year.