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Zach Bryan Leaves Twitter and Instagram After Fans Continue to Complain About the Ticket-Buying Process for His Upcoming Tour

by Clayton Edwards
Zach Bryan performs at The Wiltern
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan and his fans have been on a wild ride lately. Earlier this month, the Oklahoma native disappeared from Twitter but kept his Instagram account active. After about two weeks, he returned to Twitter and told his fans that he didn’t want to be on the app when tickets to his upcoming tour went on sale. That was about a week ago. Now, Zach is off Twitter again. This time, he deactivated his official Instagram page as well. It seems that the singer-songwriter is taking a much-needed social media break.

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The Zach Bryan Social Media Saga

This whole thing started with Zach’s upcoming Burn, Burn, Burn Tour. He wanted to find a way to sell tickets for fair prices so all of his fans could afford them. To be fair, he succeeded. By teaming with Fair AXS, Zach Bryan was able to keep ticket prices low. However, the downside to this is that not everyone who wanted tickets could get them.

Fans had to register with Fair AXS in January to be entered into a ticket lottery. Emails started going out to lucky fans on Valentine’s Day. Many fans didn’t get emails. Some that did weren’t able to purchase tickets due to a buggy interface on the Fair AXS site. Additionally, some disgruntled fans complained that customer service wasn’t able to help.

As a result, many of Zach Bryan’s fans took to social media to complain.

Things got a little more heated when Zach took to Instagram to celebrate how well tickets were selling at the fair prices. Many fans rushed to the comments of that post to complain. A few days later, Zach Bryan returned to Twitter. He most likely expected a warm welcome from the fans that he connected with daily on the app. He got that. However, he also got a chain of complaints from disgruntled fans.

The Saga Continues

That brings us to last night. In several now-deleted tweets, Zach Bryan went back and forth with a handful of fans about tickets. Finally, early this morning, he sent what will probably be his final social media post for a while. “Jesus, you guys have taken it out of me, see ya man, tried my best,” he tweeted before his account went dark.

A few hours later, one of Zach Bryan’s band members and an opener on his tour, JR Carroll, took to Twitter to say a few words. In his tweet, he took fans to task for how they treated Bryan. “Respectfully, the way some of y’all act so entitled is genuinely so discouraging. Like a bunch of spoiled little kids complaining they didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. Embarrassing,” he posted.

In the replies, some fans worried that things like this would push Bryan away from touring in the future. Last year, when he announced his American Heartbreak Tour, Zach said it would be his first and only tour. So, it seems that he’s already not keen on spending months on the road.

We’ll have to keep an eye on the situation to see how the rest of the saga plays out. One thing is for sure, Zach Bryan is far from finished. However, he may decide to limit his social media activity in the future.