Zach Bryan Offers To Pay for Fans’ Rental Car After Hitting a Deer While Driving to Red Rocks Show

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Country music crooner Zach Bryan is once again proving how much he appreciates his fans.

Bryan is performing a set tonight from Colorado’s infamous Red Rocks amphitheater. And per usual, he’s drawing a sold-out crowd from all over the United States.

Four ticket holders decided to rent a car and drive all the way from Wisconsin. But last night, when they were still two states away from their destination, they found themselves in a bind after hitting a deer.

One of the fans involved posted pictures from the crash and tagged the singer in a Twitter post—promising that he and his friends will still be at the show. When Bryan noticed the shoutout, he decided to help out.

“@zachlanebryan halfway through the drive to red rocks for the show tomorrow and smoked a deer in the middle of Iowa,” Jonah Olsen admitted. “Currently waiting in a kum & go gas station for the Uber to Omaha, then gonna rent a car, and make our way to Denver. See you tomorrow my good sir.”

Zach Bryan reposted the tweet and wrote, “rental car is on me!”

Zach Bryan Promises to Lower Prices on His Merchandise After a Fan Points out the Cost

The From Austin artist has always made it a point to help his fans, and he shows time and time again that he’s not in the music business strictly for the money.

Last month Bryan, who is on a never-ending quest to make ticket fees more transparent, found out just how much it costs for people to buy his clothing. And he made a social media promise to make everything stamped with his name more affordable

“I just learned how expensive the merch was last night,” he tweeted on Oct 26. “A hoodie for 60 to 70 dollars is too much and I’m fixing it now. thank you guys so much for being such a good and kind and rowdy crowd.”

The declaration came just after the 26-year-old former Marine went on a tangent about “music venues having more power than the fans that go to them” and shortly after President Joe Biden swore that his administration was working to “crack down” on hidden “junk fees” associated with concert ticket sales.

“They’re unfair, deceptive, and add up,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “That’s why, last week, I called on my Administration to crack down on these fees and put that money back in your pocket.

“Biden ain’t a homie,” Bryan captioned on a retweet. “But all my homies hate Ticketmaster. Burn then to the ground, Mr. President.”