Zach Bryan Posts Hilarious Roller Coaster Photo From Six Flags Outing

by Lauren Boisvert

Country music star Zach Bryan took a trip to Six Flags at Darien Lake while making a stop in New York for the Outlaw Music Festival. He posted a photo of himself and his friends/bandmates on the roller coaster, The Tantrum, in various states of terror and enjoyment.

Previously, he posted a couple of videos of the jam session he and the boys had on the bus after their Six Flags adventure. “Bus sessions after roller coasters name a better duo,” he wrote on his first tweet, sharing a video of the impromptu performance on the bus. He then posted a second video, noting his particularly interesting fashion choices. “Also I don’t always wear a visor backwards but when you go to six flags in the summer it’s a must,” he wrote.

So, it looks like Zach Bryan and his boys are having a great time on the road. Bryan is in the middle of his own tour. He’s making stops at festivals along the way and occasionally dropping new dates. August 12, 13, and 14 he performed at the Outlaw Music Festival with Willie Nelson & Family, Chris Stapleton, the Avett Brothers, and so many more. Next, he’s headed to the State Fair of West Virginia, then onto Bulls, Bands, Barrels in Louisiana.

It looks like Zach Bryan will be hitting amphitheaters and festivals from now until November 11. My question is, what does he have planned music-wise in that time? He’s known for surprising fans with new releases, unreleased songs, and sneak peeks from the road. So, what is he planning? We’ll just have to wait and find out as things go along.

Zach Bryan Reminisces on Cross-Country Trip He Took With His Dad

In a post that featured a moment from Under the Big Sky Festival in Whitefish, Montana back in July, Zach Bryan reflected on a special time he had with his dad. The two took a cross-country trip together, and Bryan wrote about that time in his Instagram post.

He told the story of a time three years ago, before he rose to be the country music shining star that he is today, when he and his dad drove from Oklahoma to Seattle, where Bryan was stationed while he was in the Navy. He mentioned that they stopped in Missoula, Montana, and drank beers together.

“This weekend was full circle for me and it felt like a fever dream,” he wrote about the Montana festival. “Forever changing and growing but everything somehow still feels weirdly the same. My life has evolved and so has my music. the boys in my band have changed too. Life is a journey and we’ve all just been trying our best from the day we were born to now. I went to do laundry today on the same road my dad and I rode three years ago. It’s all just a road and I feel like it’s just beginning.”