Zach Bryan Reacts to Tyler Childers’ New Album

by Samantha Whidden
Getty Images

Following the release of Tyler Childres’ new album Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven? fellow country music artist Zach Bryan took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts about the record. 

A Twitter user asked Zach Bryan if he had a chance to listen to Tyler Childers’ album. “Curious what you thought of it with Childers being an inspiration?” they asked. In response, Bryan shared, “An artist is allowed to be an artist no matter what people perceive. If it was beautiful to Childers it will be beautiful to the people who understand and love him.”

Zach Bryan then shared details about the special bond he has with Childers. “Getting through every deployment and hard time with Childers, I personally will just always support what he does.” 

Also in a separate tweet, Zach Bryan praised Childers on a personal level. “What I’m saying is long live Tyler the legend Childers,” he declared. 

Zach Bryan Praised Tyler Childers As Being ‘Ten Fold’ The Musician He Is 

In 2021, Zach Bryan praised Tyler Childers after one of his fans criticized Childers. “Zach Bryan is better than Tyler, some of you guys are in denial,” the fan wrote. “Tyler does nothing better than Zach.”

However, Bryan wasn’t having any of that negativity. “Childers is ten fold the musician I am and I will never say otherwise,” he declared. “I can’t express it enough that music is not for comparing, it’s just stories and people trying to sing what their hearts feel. I’m barely even a musician and my pet peeve is the constant comparison of everything.”

Zach Bryan once spoke to Saving Country Music about the criticism and comparison between him and Childers. “I say thank you because that ’s what my life’s been about,” he explained. “And that songwriting has gotten me through my hardest stories… This was not a plan of mine. Music was not on my radar.”

While addressing the criticism he’s experienced, Zach Bryan said it all makes him feel lucky. “That people care enough to be criticized. That’s neat. I never thought I would be in a place where enough people had heard my music to criticize it. I feel blessed about that.”  

Zach Bryan further explained that whatever people say about his music, it’s ok, “They’re my songs… Evan Felker and Jason Isbell. That’s where I learned to love music. And then Tyler Childers came along later, and that just changed my life. Those three songwriters right there. They really spoke to me. That’s where I got my country longing to tell stories in songs.” 

In regards to others saying he sounds a lot like Childers, Zach Bryan added, “When I was writing those songs I was writing them to myself.”