Zach Bryan Reschedules Shows After Testing Positive for COVID

by Lauren Boisvert

Zach Bryan has tested positive for COVID, but opened his statement by reassuring everyone that Willie Nelson is safe; talk about being a stand-up guy. He performed on May 29 in support of Willie Nelson in New Braunfels, Texas. But, he posted on Instagram today that he has tested positive for COVID. He has rescheduled his shows in Salt Lake City and Spokane. Most likely he will not attend the Seattle show with Luke Combs in between.

“Before I announce this,” he wrote on Instagram, “I would like my following and friends to know that every single precaution possible was taken with Willie Nelson and his Family. The closest I cam to him was over twenty feet away and I was COVID tested every single day while I was on-site. Today I woke up incredibly woozy and had body aches everywhere; I then got two COVID tests and tested positive on both.”

He then went on to explain the show reschedules. “The shows in Salt Lake City and Spokane have been rescheduled. The show in Salt Lake will now be July 7th and Spokane will now be July 13th.” He reassured fans that he would give refunds if wanted. But he would also honor tickets on the new dates. Additionally, he shared that he would work with Luke Combs and his team, but “obviously his show will still go on.”

“My goal as a musician was to never cancel a show, but the safety of you guys is more important to me than anything else,” Bryan continued. He signed off with, “Everyone please be easy, stay safe, and know I am incredibly and regretfully sorry.”

Zach Bryan, know that you never have to apologize for being sick. We can live with a few rescheduled shows.

Zach Bryan Announces He Tested Positive for COVID, All While His Album Does Extremely Well

When Zach Bryan’s debut 34-track album American Heartbreak dropped, it quickly broke single-day streaming records on Spotify and Apple Music. We instantly loved it, and with good reason; it’s a damn good album.

The album debuted at the top of the Billboard Top Country charts, but recently, it hit number five on Billboard’s all-inclusive Top 200 Albums chart. That’s albums from every genre. Zach Bryan is reaching far more than just country fans with his massive album; he has a distinct voice that isn’t totally country, and a passionate, lyrical writing style that is really capturing fans across genres.

We all knew this album was going to be big. But, it’s surprising just how big. Recently, Zach Bryan tweeted that he was “Taking a second because this has all gotten larger than expected.” He continued wholeheartedly, “Thank [you] for resonating, thank [you] for caring about what some kid from Okie had to say.”