Zach Bryan Reveals the Reason Why ‘American Heartbreak’ Was More Than 2 Hours Long

by Lauren Boisvert

Zach Bryan‘s exceptional debut album, American Heartbreak, captured us all so intently that we haven’t been able to let it go since May. It’s 30 songs of pure poetry, emotional lyrics, and passionate vocals, and it’s very, very long. 2 hours and one minute, to be exact. Now, Zach has taken to Twitter to explain the reasoning behind his super long first album.

Zach responded recently to a tweet from a fan that reads, “My flight is 2 hours. You know what else is 2 hours? American Heartbreak.” He wrote back, “I made this record exactly this long because it’s how long it takes to get from downtown New York to center city Philadelphia; that’s why I trimmed seconds here and there on it.”

Well, I did the mapping Zach Bryan, and depending on traffic, it takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get from Lower Manhattan to Center City, Philly. I don’t know how fast you were driving when you took that particular trip, but there’s about 19 minutes of dead air in there somewhere by my calculations. Unless, of course, you account for the time it takes for you to figure out Google Maps when you start your trip.

Another fan had a request for Zach Bryan in the comments. They wrote, “So I’m flying to Italy from Houston in November, can you make an album for me?!” I honestly wouldn’t put it past Zach Bryan to write a 10-hour album. But, I also wouldn’t put it past us to listen to it on repeat for, like, a whole year.

Zach Bryan Discusses New EP ‘Summertime Blues’ and Teases New Singles

Back in July, Zach Bryan released a new EP called Summertime Blues, and it was the perfect summer record for all of us sad sacks sweating in the heatwave. It was hot and sticky and perfectly summertime, in my opinion. A day after the release, Zach took to Twitter to dive deeper into the EP and reveal his thought processes for a few songs.

First, he wrote about “Quittin’ Time,” saying that he wrote the entire song in the Denver Broncos stadium. “Touring is really grueling,” he began. “You’re out of shape looking for places to do laundry, on flights and buses and going everywhere. I was in the Navy a long time and I remember just wanting to go home, but not wanting to, at the same time, until the job was well done.”

Then, he discussed “Motorcycle Drive-By.” He wrote, “Life is really fleeting and we’re all trying really hard. Lately, my life has been moving insanely fast and so many things have happened – good and bad – and I wanted to try to capture the feeling of how fast it all moves and the intention of stepping back and taking a deep breath and realizing you have to enjoy it and enjoy every single second with the people you love.”

For the rest of the discussion, check out his tweets here. All in all, we’re going to be waiting patiently for that 10-hour album even if it takes our entire lifetime.