Zach Bryan Says He ‘Will Never Want’ CMA Award Consideration in Critical New Posts

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

To say that Zach Bryan had a massive year would be an understatement. When he released his label debut American Heartbreak, fans across the nation ate it up. It broke single-day streaming records on multiple platforms and saw some serious chart success. Additionally, Bryan has more than 13 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Currently, “Something in the Orange” and “Heading South” both boast more than 100,000,000 streams. Many fans thought that Zach should have capped the year off with a CMA Award.

Some would contend that “Something in the Orange” could have been in the running for Song or Single of the Year. At the same time, American Heartbreak could have been a contender for Album of the Year. However, that didn’t happen. Zach Bryan didn’t even get a nomination on Country Music’s Biggest Night. It’s safe to say that some fans are unhappy about this development. Zach, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care.

This morning, Zach Bryan took to Twitter to discuss his feelings on the matter.

Zach Bryan Isn’t Interested in CMA Awards

“Guys, I don’t and never will want to be considered at the CMAs,” he wrote in the first of three posts. “My pride is fine and I appreciate all the love and support and I say it with every ounce of respect to other country artists. Establishments will always be weird.”

In a follow-up tweet, Zach Bryan said, “In five years, all of these strange outdated systems will claim it was right in front of them the entire time.” He added that it was more fun to laugh at not being nominated than to be “butt hurt” about it. He finished the message with a not-so-subtle dig, “If these shows and companies wanted to be honest, they would have gotten into songwriting and not award giving.”

A little later, Zach Bryan came back to clarify his previous statements. “To be clear, I’m not trying to insult the validity of a CMA,” he said. “I respect any artist who receives one and the existence of them.”

Bryan added that he was just sharing his personal perspective. “I’m just saying on a personal level it is not one of my priorities to have awards on a shelf in my home. There’s room for more important things there.”

Same Old Zach

Zach Bryan didn’t shock his fanbase with these statements. This attitude about the importance of awards and accolades seems natural after seeing the way he has handled his meteoric rise to success. For instance, he embarked on a massively successful tour this year. Instead of getting ready to hit the road again as soon as possible, he announced that it was his only tour. Zach would rather have time to spend with his loved ones than burning up the highways.

The truth is, it seems like Zach Bryan is content to write, record, and share music with his fans. Anything outside of that is just icing on the cake.