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Zach Bryan Speaks Out About His Latest Album Title: ‘I Meant No Harm’

by Brett Stayton
(Photo credit: Ericka Goldring/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan has never been scared to share his thoughts on Twitter… Or to push the limits of what he can say without going too far. He recently used the huge platform he’s built for himself to release a live album. The title of it raises awareness for a very important issue. Although, now he’s felt compelled to speak out and clarify his thoughts. He explained that he meant absolutely “no harm” toward anyone by including the word hate in his latest album title.

The project is titled All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster (Live From Redrocks).

Apparently, like anything that gets attention on the internet these days, people have started to become outraged online about it. Some people are questioning Bryan’s decision. Others are making presumptions about his motives for the unusual title of one of his biggest musical projects.

Understanding The Beef Between Zach Bryan And Ticketmaster

The album “All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster” was just released a few days ago. However, that phrase has been a long-running slogan online. It was coined, to sum up, Bryan’s empathy for his fan’s complaints about Ticketmaster’s exorbitant prices and selfish business practices.

The album title was a creative way for Bryan to raise awareness for his music by continuing to stir up a little online controversy. That title isn’t just a quick quip meant to get retweets though, it’s much bigger than that. It’s also safe to say an artist as popular as Zach Bryan probably weighed the pros and cons of choosing to continue shaking up the industry with his controversial live album title. He’s been rather blunt with his feelings about the subject in the past, previously calling out Ticketmaster and their bank-breaking fees system for ruining live music for ordinary fans.

Much of the controversy lies within Ticketmaster’s merger with Live Nation. That essentially created a monopoly. That basically allows ticketing execs to get unfathomably wealthy by basically just ripping off both musicians and fans.

Before his new album went live on streaming services, Bryan prefaced things with an additional post. He stood up for his fans and encouraged the live music industry to find ways to be done with unbelievably high ticket prices.

Tyler Childers And Taylor Swift Also Speaking Out Against The Soaring Ticket Prices

It’s an issue that is receiving a lot of attention these days. So are other problems, like music venues just automatically helping themselves to a cut of the money that bands and singers make off of their own merchandise sales at live shows.

Tyler Childers has been a little more laidback than Bryan in terms of trying to musically set Ticketmaster on fire. But he’s still proactively trying to find his own solutions to the problem. Childers recently announced that he had found a way to sell tickets to his 2023 concerts at face value. That means you can go to his shows without supporting the self-serving and price-jacking services of Ticketmaster.

Taylor Swift is arguably the biggest name in music. She’s also been rallying her fan base to push back against the shady business practices. It has become nearly impossible for fans from normal everyday economic backgrounds to afford to attend concerts anymore. That might be changing in the future though, at least if many of the artists playing the music have anything to say about it.