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Zach Bryan Teases a New Episode of ‘The Belting Bronco’ With a Special Guest

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan gave his fans so much to be thankful for this year. He dropped the highly-anticipated 34-track album American Heartbreak. Then, just months later, we got the Summertime Blues EP. Additionally, ZB’s American Heartbreak Tour saw him rocking stages across the country. Then, there are things like his ongoing campaign against Ticketmaster and his commitment to making his merch more affordable. Yesterday, Bryan teased another gift for his fans just in time for Christmas.

In a tweet, Zach Bryan announced that his popular YouTube series The Belting Bronco is coming back. The tweet shows a short clip of the upcoming episode featuring Charles Wesley Godwin. In the video, we can see Zach and CWG in the back of the titular Ford Bronco laying down the vocals. Behind them, Bryan’s band plays on a flatbed trailer. To make things better, they’re performing their fan-favorite collaborative track “Jamie.”

Zach Bryan featured the Charles Wesley Godwin collab on his latest EP Summertime Blues.

Lyrically, the song is a heartbreaking story of a man at the end of his rope. He’s drunk and missing his late lover. Between grief and booze, he’s ready to have a standoff with the cops at his lady’s grave because he doesn’t feel like life’s worth living anymore. Lines like “There’s a tombstone hidden in a place he don’t visit / Where the love of his life was laid to rest. / He’ll make it there by dusk that’s where they’ll draw their guns. / Oh, Jamie,”  

Zach Bryan’s Belting Bronco

The premise of The Belting Bronco is, at the same time, simple and incredibly on-brand for Zach Bryan. The series sees ZB and a laundry list of his country music contemporaries cruising around in his old-school Ford Bronco and playing some good music.

In most shows like this, we would get stripped-down arrangements of the songs out of necessity. While there’s something to be said about those intimate acoustic performances, it looks like Zach Bryan and his band aim to take things a step further with the new installments. As a result, we get to hear a fully fleshed-out performance and we get to see ZB’s band jamming on a flatbed trailer going down the road. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Currently, the latest installment of The Belting Bronco isn’t available on Zach Bryan’s YouTube channel. However, there are plenty more previous episodes of the show to watch while you wait. He posted the most recent episode, which featured Jonathan and Abby Peyton about a year ago. Other installments of the series include appearances from Kat Hasty, Slade Coulter, and JR Carroll. Zach kicked off the series by delivering a stripped-down rendition of “Oklahoma City.”