Country Rewind: Blake Shelton Belts ‘Hell Right’ With 5-Year-Old Girl in Adorable Concert Moment

by Halle Ames

We are rewinding the clock to early 2020 to relive this touching moment when Blake Shelton belts ‘Hell Right’ with a 5-year-old fan at a concert. 

Ahh, yes, the time of outdoor concerts and close interactions. We miss it. Don’t worry. It will be back soon!

Blake Shelton Makes a Fan’s Day

In March of 2020, Blake Shelton stopped for a show in San Diego prior to the pandemic closings for his Friends and Heroes Tour. He canceled the final five locations of the tour due to COVID. However, he plans to reschedule them for this year.

According to Country Music Nation, the country music star noticed a young girl singing along to his and Trace Adkins’s hit song, “Hell Right.” 

In addition, the Friends and Heroes Tour also featured John Anderson, the Bellamy Brothers, and Lauren Alaina. 

Shelton approached the five-year-old girl who was in the front row on her parent’s shoulders and handed her the microphone to take over. There were no nerves surrounding this superstar in the making. She happily took the mic and belted the words with Shelton and Adkins. 

The crowd goes nuts for her performance. 

The girl’s mother, Veronica Soriano, shared the special moment on social media. Soriano notes that her daughter is a super fan of not only Blake Shelton but his now-fiancée Gwen Stefani.

@blakeshelton, You made this 5 yr. old little girl’s day! She loves your music and asks to listen to it at night as she is falling asleep. Thank you very much, Blake!!! @gwenstefani we missed you in San Diego. She was hoping to see you two sing together.” 

The clip made its way to Shelton’s Twitter, who quote tweeted the appreciative message. 

“Hell Right!!!!!!! I never claimed to be a good role model…” notes the country artist with a laughing emoji. 

Hell Right!

We are sure that the amazing moment of singing with Blake Shelton will stay with that young girl for the rest of her life. Yes, we are green with envy. 

“Hell Right” was created by Shelton and Trace Adkins in August of 2019 as part of Blake’s album, Fully Loaded: God’s Country. The song wasn’t just a hit with the young fan. “Hell Right” peaked on the Hot Country Song chart at number 14. 

This wasn’t the first time the two buttery voiced country artists have joined forces. Blake Shelton and Trace Atkins collaborated on the tune “Hillbilly Bone” back in 2011.