Country Rewind: Merle Haggard Duets with ‘Wonder Woman’ Actress Lynda Carter Singing ‘What’s a Little Love Between Friends’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Merle Haggard gave us a number of hit songs. Any good fan of the late country icon can sing all the lyrics Mama Tried and Okie From Muskogee.

But do you remember Merle Haggard singing a duet with the star of Wonder Woman? He and Lynda Carter sang What’s a Little Love Between Friends back in September 1980. Carter was starring in her own TV special Lynda Carter: Encore. Long before she was Diana Prince, Carter was a singer. She first appeared on TV at age 5 and by high school, she already was in two bands.

On Wednesday, the Instagram account Classic Country Music tossed out a special memory of Merle Haggard singing with Carter. Check it out and join us on the other side for more details.

Merle Haggard and Carter Sang A Song Written By Fleetwood Mac Band Member

The song Merle Haggard and Carter performed was written by Billy Burnette and released in 1979. The song got some attention but only reached No. 76 on the country charts. Burnette wrote songs for a ton of well-known artists, including Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ringo Starr, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Pride and Tanya Tucker. He’s probably best known for his stint with Fleetwood Mac and working with Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood.

By 1980, Merle Haggard was an established country star. And Carter wasn’t his only duet partner that year. He also hit No. 1 on the country charts with Clint Eastwood. They sang Bar Room Buddies, which was on the Bronco Billy soundtrack. Eastwood starred in the movie with Sondra Locke, his long-time girlfriend. They made six movies together.

Carter Brought Wonder Woman To TV Life

Meanwhile, Carter was a year removed from the end of Wonder Woman. The former Miss World USA brought the Amazon superhero to life from 1975-79. In December’s Wonder Woman: 1984, Carter was in the movie’s final credits, playing Asteria, the “Golden Warrior of the Amazons.”

But Carter also could sing, which was evident in her duet with Merle Haggard. The Encore show was one of five TV variety programs she hosted from 1979-84. Kenny Rogers was another country star who appeared on one of the shows. Sexy pop star Tom Jones was on the same special as Haggard. By 1981, one of her specials generated the highest ratings of the year for CBS. Singing icon Ray Charles and Jerry Reed joined Carter on the show.

In April 2016, Carter mourned the loss of Merle Haggard when he died at age 79 of pneumonia. She posted a photo of herself and Haggard from this 1980 TV special on her social media accounts. And she quoted him, writing:

“Faith is the only way we’re going to make it. None of us are smart enough to do it on our own.”