Country Rewind: Toby Keith Sheds Tears Bringing 93-Year-Old Vet on Stage During Show

by Keeli Parkey

You don’t have to know much about country music star Toby Keith to know that he takes great pride in being an American. And, like Outsiders, he has great respect for the men and women who have served his beloved country.

While entertaining thousands of people during his concerts, the “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” singer often brings veterans on stage with him. On one such occasion, Toby Keith’s emotions took control and he was moved to tears.

This memorable moment took place on Aug. 21, 2015, according to Country Music Family. The “Beer for My Horses” singer was performing a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina. As he had done before, Keith took a break from performing his hit songs to introduce a veteran to the stage. In his introduction of this special individual, the star described him as “a true American hero.”

“I have a very special guest here with me tonight. Lt. Col. Harry Frizzell Sr., 93 years old,” Toby Keith announced. “People! Listen! 34 years of service. Vietnam, Korea, WWII, and he put 4 kids through our school back home. I wanted y’all to see what a true American hero looks like.”

Lt. Frizzell then joined Keith on stage and they joined hands. Unsurprisingly, the crowd gave this veteran the welcome he deserved.

Toby Keith then said he would be performing a song in honor of Lt. Frizzell on that August night in 2015. “I want to dedicate a song to him. I wrote it for my father, and I want to dedicate it to these kids’ father. Four wars! 34 years people!” he said.

Keith then broke out into his hit songs “American Soldier” and “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”

Toby Keith Gives Veteran an Opportunity to Address Concert Crowd

During that concert in Charlotte, the country music star also gave Lt. Frizzell the chance to address the crowd. The veteran’s message was a simple, yet poignant, one.

“My name is Lt. Col. Harry Frizzell. I’m from Oklahoma just like this gentleman (Toby Keith) … I would like to say just a few sentences here. God bless America,” he shared. Following these words, Keith can be seen wiping tears away from his eyes.

During his comments, Lt. Frizzell also shared details about his decades-long military career. He said that during his service in World War II is was stationed in Manila in the Philippines. He said he “got recalled for Korea.”

“And, I flew armed helicopters in Vietnam,” Lt. Frizzell told the crowd to cheers and applause. “Thirty-five years and I’m so proud to be a representative of the United States of America.”