Country Rewind: Watch Miranda Lambert Go Full Rockstar Mode Covering ZZ Top’s ‘Gimme All Your Lovin”

by Clayton Edwards

You could use several words to describe Miranda Lambert. However, “versatile,” should be near the top of that list. In the last year alone, Lambert has effortlessly demonstrated how truly broad her comfort zone is.

The Marfa Tapes show just how country she can be. The simple recordings and stripped-down arrangements on that album are something that few artists could handle so successfully. Then, there’s the smash hit “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” which sits at the other end of the spectrum. The production is huge and no one with ears would call it a country single. Miranda absolutely shines on that as well. But, that’s not where it ends.

Miranda Lambert is also comfortable belting out blues-tinged rock and roll classics in front of thousands of screaming fans. This fan-shot video of her performing ZZ Top’s “Gimme All Your Lovin’.” back in 2014 proves that. While the audio isn’t the best, Lambert’s performance is still top-shelf. Check it out below:

The video comes from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas show on Miranda Lambert’s Platinum Tour. The album she was promoting on that tour stands as a solid example of Lambert’s range. However, tossing in this classic rock cover goes the extra mile in showing that the country star can nail just about anything she sets her mind to.

Miranda Lambert’s Other Impressive ZZ Top Cover

That wasn’t the only time that Miranda Lambert covered ZZ Top in front of a packed house. In fact, longtime fans will remember that she performed their classic hit “Tush,” at the 2016 ACM Awards. That one was a little more special, though. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons joined her for that cover. Keith Urban was also there to add a second guitar to the mix.

You would never know by watching it, but that performance was planned last-minute and barely rehearsed.

RAC Clark, the executive producer of the ACM Awards spoke to Country Aircheck about that performance shortly after the show aired. According to Clark, Miranda Lambert planned to debut a new song that night. Additionally, she planned to release that song as a single the following day. However, something happened and she wasn’t able to follow her original plan. Lambert still wanted to perform, though.

Clark told the publication that Miranda Lambert tapped Keith Urban to play guitar for the performance. Urban said he’d like to have a second picker on the stage with him. So, Clark checked with Gibbons. The stars aligned. GIbbons was on tour at the time, but he had the night of the ACM Awards off.

Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, and Billy Gibbons rehearsed the song once off-site, then they did a dress rehearsal before the performance. The final result speaks for itself.