Country Rewind: Young Keith Urban Belts Waylon Jennings Classic in Resurfaced Clip

by Jonathan Howard

The country music world has a funny way of showing stars in new lights. An old Keith Urban clip shows the country star as a young preteen. Along with Jenny Wilson, Urban picks the guitar and the duo sings a Waylon Jennings classic.

While fans now know Keith Urban as the stadium playing, 20 number one single having, country superstar he is today, that wasn’t always the case. Like every artist, there was a prelude to the success. New Zealand-born and Australia-raised, Urban grew up far from country music’s roots. However, the music was clearly in him, even thousands of miles away.

Watch as Keith Urban and Jenny Wilson belt out Waylon Jennings’ The Door Is Always Open.

In the video above, Keith Urban is roughly between the ages of 10 and 13. After taking guitar lessons as a child, Urban took up singing and plucking country tunes. Sure seems he had good taste even at a young age. One of the things about seeing Urban perform, you know he is going to put on a show on stage. The stage presence was being cultivated at an early age.

Throughout the clip, as Urban sings and plays his guitar he moves, looks to the camera and audience, and clearly knows how to perform even at an early age. Plenty of people and artists can play music, but being a performer is something entirely different. Clearly, Keith Urban is the entire package and has shown that throughout his career.

Keith Urban Keeps On Playing

Of course, a few decades after Keith Urban and Jenny Wilson played their duet, Urban has become one of the biggest country stars in the world. He still rocks a bit of a mop-top too, with a bit more highlight nowadays. World tours and sold-out stadiums have become the new normal for the Australian country artist.

Currently, Keith Urban is about to begin his tour, The Speed Of Now Part 1. The tour will start in Nashville, Tennessee. That first date is August 24th and will be part of the ACM Party for a Cause. After that, the tour will go through the Midwest in Ohio, Michigan, and then moving further west to Oklahoma. Eventually, the tour sets Urban up in Las Vegas, NV for a multi-show run.

After playing a stint in Las Vegas, that is when Keith Urban takes on the world part of the world tour. He heads back to his home country and will play a slate of shows in Australia to close out the end of the year. Fans should be excited that it is just “Part 1” of the tour. More dates will surely be announced for Part 2 soon enough. How cool would it be to see him perform The Door Is Always Open again all these years later?