Country Singer Adam Doleac Has Trailer with $100,000 Worth of Gear Stolen, Then Recovered in Nashville

by Samantha Whidden

Rising country star Adam Doleac reportedly experience a bit of a snafu on the road earlier this month when his trailer, which had $100,000 worth of gear, was stolen. 

According to Fox affiliate WZTV Nashville, Adam Doleac’s tailer was parked overnight at the Inglewood Limo Service. The trailer was storing music instruments and other equipment. After the trailer was stolen, Doleac took to Twitter to share a video of someone taking off with his property. 

“Early this morning, my trailer was stolen in East Nashville carrying nearly $100K of equipment and gear. Everything [that is] imperative to the show. We have the footage of the vehicle and suspect,” Adam Doleac wrote in the social media post. He also wrote the platform number was 196379T and other pictures in the Twitter thread.

Luckily for Adam Doleac, the trailer was recovered. Seven days after the thief took off with it. “There is a lot of information to this. But I want everyone to know we have possession of our trailer and all of our gear!” Doleac announced in the update.  He also revealed he is convinced his manager is secretly a detective.  The country singer then adds that Hudson Moore’s stolen gear was also recovered. But unfortunately, his trailer was long gone. 

Adam Doleac Talks Trailer Theft & Recovery

While also chatting with WZTV about the situation, Adam Doleac shares his thoughts about the trailer theft situation. “It’s very frustrating. It’s one of those things you hope will never happen,” Doleac states. “And when it does, it’s the worst gut-wrenching feeling in the world. Especially after 18 months of not being able to tour.”

Adam Doleac is currently on tour with Zac Brown Band. His next performance is in Englewood, Colorado on September 17th. Other stops include Brookfield, Wisconsin for Rock the Burbs on September 25th; Clarkson, Michigan on September 30th; and Burgettstown, Pennsylvania on October 1st. 

Adam Doleac Talks First Stagecoach Experience 

During a 2018 interview with the Country Note, Adam Doleac opened up about his first experience at Stagecoach. “It was really great, we had a great crowd come out. And as we were playing they just kept funneling in.”

The country singer also talked about his hit single, Bigger Than Us. “It’s me being a hopeless romantic and me believing in fate. I used to do this thing where I would be in a relationship and it would get hard. I would immediately say this is the person I’m not supposed to be with.”

Doleac then said he would almost talk himself out of the relationship. “But the truth is every relationship goes hard at some point. Today may suck, but tomorrow will be great. Whatever the world throws at us, this love is bigger than us.”