Country Singer and Marine Veteran Scooter Brown Helps Ukrainian Orphans

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

When country singer and retired Marine Scooter Brown witnessed the turmoil that so many Ukrainian orphans are enduring, his heroic instincts kicked in. Without hesitation, Brown teamed up with a couple of other brave souls and ventured overseas to bring dozens of children to safety.

Over the holidays, Brown and his family decided to join a program that allows Americans to host children in need from around the world. As he explained to Fox & Friends, Brown and his family have worked with New Horizons for Children for several years. The purpose of the program was to bring a bit of cheer and a sense of safety to orphaned children during the time of year when family matters most.

The country star hosted a nine-year-old boy from Ukraine, and the two quickly developed a deep bond. So when the conflict in Ukraine began to worsen, Brown couldn’t just stand by. Instead, he decided to not only help the young boy that came to his home but also the dozens of other orphans that feared for their lives in the war-stricken country.

That’s when the retired Marine decided to call up his good friend, Andy Lang, who was a retired Green Beret. Together, the two decided to head to Ukraine themselves and bring these children to the U.S.

First, they started with a mother with two young children. The mother already had the necessary paperwork that they needed to enter the U.S., so it was an easy transition. But, of course, they wouldn’t stop there.

Scooter Brown’s Only Goal Was to Keep Ukrainian Orphans Safe, Considers Them Family

Once Scooter Brown and Andy Lang safely had the small family in tow, they traveled to an orphanage that was two hours south of Kyiv. Once there, they moved the kids towards the Poland border in buses.

Brown arranged for the groups to meet back up at a McDonald’s roughly 30 miles on the other side of the border. When the little boy spotted the country star, he ran up to his “Pops” with open arms.

“We took all the kiddos and all the workers into McDonald’s and bought them a meal, and it was just an amazing experience,” Scooter Brown explained.

“The key was just to get all these people safe, you know. We look at these kids like they’re our family. And if it was my blood son or my adopted son, I’d be over there doing the same thing.”

Brown also gave credit to the orphanage caretakers for keeping the children calm as they embarked on the perilous journey to Poland’s border. The Marine veteran stated that when the kids arrived, they were “full of smiles and glad to be there.”