Country Singer Ty Herndon Reveals Drug Relapse Left Him Suicidal

by Chris Piner

Making his debut into the music industry back in the 1980s, country music star Ty Herndon, who just celebrated his 60th birthday, recalled his struggle with drugs and how his life almost ended on New Year’s Eve in 2020. Having battled with drugs throughout his life, the singer also had complications with the law as in 1995, he was arrested for indecent exposure. But now, being 18 months sober, Herndon opened up about his close calls with death. 

The moment that appeared to change Ty Herndon’s life happened when he relapsed on crystal meth. To make it worse, the musician was holding a handful of Ambien tablets at the same time. Not remembering calling a friend, Herndon admitted, “It brought me back enough to [ask for help]. To know that I mentally had gone somewhere I didn’t need to be, I did not need to be [there]. It wasn’t time. There was fight [left in me].” 

Ty Herndon On The Road To Recovery

In a matter of 12 hours, Ty Herndon started his journey to recover again, saying, “It was the most painful and hard journey I’ve ever taken, but trying to leave no stone unturned.” He added that this new chance has changed him. “The difference for me today is I’m on fire. For the music. I’m in love with myself for the first time in my life. I have no secrets.” 

During his road to recovery, Ty Herndon continued to dominate country music with his new album Jacob. Inspired by the character in the Bible, the singer revealed, “My favorite artist, my God in music, is Bonnie Raitt. And she has gone through a lot of struggles. But after that, she made the greatest album of all time, ‘Nick of Time,’ and every song on it is a piece of art.” But even with success in the industry, Herndon is still focused on staying sober. “You have a responsibility every day to wake up and do this work because it just takes a small crack in the foundation.”

Dealing With Medusa

Ty Herndon found an interesting way to deal with his addiction to drugs by naming it. He said his addiction is named “Medusa”. He noted, “She doesn’t live in this town. She’s in jail outside of town. And I go out there every day just to say, ‘You ain’t [gonna] get nothing from me,’ and make sure it’s locked.”

Beyond drug and legal problems, Ty Herndon also struggled with both bipolar disorder and his sexual orientation. After three different relapses and two marriages, the singer announced that he was gay in 2014. Still, coming to terms with his past and future, Herndon used both pain and life lessons to help him craft his album, Jacob.