Country Star Cam Posts ‘Private Threat’ After Blasting Variety Editor’s Comments as ‘Violent’ Towards Black Community

by Thad Mitchell

Popular country music artist Cam is taking to social media to express her thoughts on comments allegedly made a Variety Magazine editor. The singer claims Variety Features Editor Chris Willman sent her a “threatening” message for her social media comments. The “Burning House” singer posted the message on Twitter Saturday.

The message appears to be an email from Willman with the subject line of “Cam art.” In the body of the email, Willman says he does appreciate the wording of a recent social media post by Cam. He also notes he is having “second thoughts” about advocating for the country star.

“I am really not appreciating your client calling my tweet ‘violent,'” Willman says. “In a volatile climate where that kind of language, used however symbolically, can be taken literally. Needless to say I have a lot of second thoughts about ever advocating for her. She can take issue with me all she wants but that language is Incendiary and unacceptable. I’m very unhappy as I wait to see whether her fans seize on me as a ‘violent’ person.”

Cam’s reply to the email suggests she believes “private threats” are why some people choose not to speak up on certain subjects.

“How is one person’s ego more important than the suffering of an entire community,” she says. “Private threats like this are exactly why no one speaks up.”

Cam Clarifies Stance

Cam put out another tweet in an attempt to clarify her position. She claims in the tweet that the variety editor to issue with writer Andrea Williams efforts to bring equity to the country music industry.

“A really important conversation took place today,” she says. “But a @variety editor had a problem with @andreawillwrite’s efforts to bring equity to the country music industry. I said his response is violent and I meant it but I want to explain what I meant by that.”

The country singer then goes into a lengthy post in an attempt to explain her stance. Her full comments can be seen in her Twitter post above.