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Country Star Lainey Wilson Tells Story Behind How Her Songs Ended Up on ‘Yellowstone’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Since Yellowstone has been on television, Lainey Wilson has had her music featured on the hit drama. It all started back in 2018 when Wilson met Taylor Sheridan. With the new season coming up for the show and the spinoff, 1883 being worked on, Wilson might have more of her songs on the Sheridan projects.

While on The Bobby Bones Show, Wilson talked about a number of topics with the longtime radio host. They talked about her career beginnings and how she ended up so closely connected to the show. It has been a somewhat surreal experience from her account. It also happened to be somewhat of a coincidence, but it has been a great relationship ever since.

“So ‘Yellowstone’ had reached out to WME and they were looking for some music back in 2018, and they sent over a self-titled EP of mine and he chose one of the songs off there. It was during…remember when the bull was breaking into the bar? That scene?”

The scene she is speaking of is memorable for viewers of the show. So, the fact that her first song on the show played during such a big scene proves that the producers think highly of her music. After that first episode, the bond between Lainey Wilson and Yellowstone only grew. She met writer Taylor Sheridan in a very fitting setting after that episode.

“From there he [Taylor Sheridan] invited me to come out to Vegas and play at this like horse reigning competition that he was doing. And I got to kinda hang out with him and talk and we bonded over horses because I grew up riding too and he was like, ‘Hey here’s my number if you feel like you got anything for the show send it my way.'”

What a way to make connections. It’s been a great working relationship since that time in 2018.

Will Lainey Wilson have Music in New ‘Yellowstone’ Season?

With such a strong relationship over the first three seasons, fans are likely expecting Lainey Wilson to be featured on Yellowstone in season 4. However, Wilson herself won’t know until likely the last minute. She explained everything with Bobby Bones on his show when asked about the possibility.

“We’ll see what happens. You know the last thing they put…the sync music on the show is really one of the last things they do before it goes out. Which is so wild. So, I might know like two weeks before an episode. They’ll be like, ‘Hey by the way we’re using ‘Things A Man Oughta Know”, so…”

When it comes down to it, the likelihood seems high. Lainey Wilson herself understands she is in a good position with the producers over at Yellowstone.

“I mean Taylor Sheridan the writer and producer of the show has been really good to me,” Wilson said to conclude the segment. So, hopefully, there will be more of her music in the new season.