Country Star LeAnn Rimes Revealed As the Winner of ‘The Masked Singer’

by Clayton Edwards

The fourth season of “The Masked Singer” came to a close last night. After four incredible performances, the final three contestants were unveiled and one, The Sun, was crowned champion. It was revealed that the singer behind the sun mask was none other than Grammy-winning country star LeAnn Rimes.

After Mushroom and Crocodile were revealed to be Aloe Black and Nick Carter, respectively, it was time to reveal the face of the winner. With a little help from host Nick Cannon, Sun removed her mask to the chants of the audience and panelists. The moment was a shock for some and a confirmation for others.

The Christmas episode of “The Masked Singer” convinced many people that the Sun was, in fact, LeAnn Rimes. The Sun performed “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” which convinced many fans of her identity.

LeAnn Rimes Talks About Her Time on “The Masked Singer”

Rimes spoke to Variety about her time on “The Masked Singer” and what the win meant to her. Like many artists, the pandemic robbed Rimes of one of the biggest parts of her life: touring. “I haven’t been off the road and not performed live since I was 13,” she said.

Rimes said that it wasn’t just her craving for the stage that inspired her to do the show. She hoped that by performing to a wide audience that she could shine some light on the world during these dark times. This makes the costume that hid her from the world for the entire season all the more fitting. During her chat with the publication, the country music star may have hit on why “The Masked Singer” is so popular with audiences across the country. She said, “This show in itself is just so joyous, unlike really any show on television.” A little joy tends to go a long way in hard times.

In her final night on the show Rimes performed a rendition of Brandi Carlile’s “The Story”.”

What’s Next for Rimes?

Along with taking home the win on “The Masked Singer,” LeAnn Rimes also released a new single yesterday. According to the Grammy winner, the song is an anthem of healing. The soul of the song is in line with her desire to shine light through the darkness that is 2020.

The track is currently available on all streaming platforms. The county star also released a video to accompany the new single.