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Country Stars Facing Social Media Backlash Over Sporting Face Masks

by Jacklyn Krol
Trae Patton, Getty Images

Country musicians are facing backlash over wearing face masks. Some have taken a strong stance on staying protected and some some bring humor into the unprecedented situation. Here are the stars wearing, selling, and posting masks… and what their fans have to say about it.

Brad Paisley Jokes About ‘Right’ Way of Wearing Face Masks

Paisley poked fun at face masks while helping a great cause. “This right? Challenge accepted @jewel #masks4allchallenge #masksAREcool #beatcovid19 #thisistheway,” he wrote.


Many love the humor Paisley dished out on his Instagram, while others appreciate the “Conway” shirt he’s wearing. Others are just confused about why he owns the Mandalorian mask he’s rocking in the first place. This user writes, “And why do you own that mask?👏😆 “

Brad also posted an Instagram image following a recent drive-in concert. He writes that everyone followed safety protocol, adding, “Take that, COVID.”


Some users comment, “Thank you for wearing a mask!” and Thanks for setting a good example! 🇺🇸” expressing gratitude for Paisley’s safety. Another fan jokes her state of Alaska has been social distancing for a while now. “We’d love to have ya do a show up here in AK! We’ve been social distancing since1959!” she says as encouragement for his tour to head up to Alaska.

Blake Shelton Sparks Controversy After Tweet about CDC

Shelton caused a stir when he tweeted to emphasize the importance of wearing face masks and about the CDC.

Many users fired back in anger or asking for others to use masks more often. One fan asked Shelton to remind his fans to wear a face mask and he delivered. “What @texomashores says!!! I’m headed to film the voice now!!!”

Another user fights back telling Black to “do some actual research” on the pandemic. As a response, he writes, “Covid is horrifying. That’s it.”

Carrie Underwood Masks Up in Target

Underwood shared a social media post of her donning a sparkly black face mask. The “Blown Away” singer was out at Target purchasing her Christmas album, My Gift.


Fans in her comments section have split opinions on the star’s decision to wear a mask. One user writes, “Please take off that ridiculous mask.” Similarly, another says, “Please take the mask off! I have NOT worn one a single day.”

Another calls attention to the discrepancy between how different celebrities are treating mask-wearing. One user goes so far as to say, “Why did you have to wear a mask? Football players and politicians don’t. You aren’t special and iconic enough to express your civil liberties?”

Kane Brown Rocks His Mask in TikTok Video

Brown is selling his own masks in his merchandise store. The mask is all black and features his initials logo. The mask is made of 52 cotton and 48 poly. Additionally, for every purchase of a face mask, one will be donated to those in need. At the time of this article’s publication, they are sold out.

He also posted a TikTok to his Instagram sporting a mask with multiple different looks.


The majority of comments under his masked-up video are ones of support for the singer. Many fans love his inclusion of a face mask into the funny video.

One user comments on the video saying Kane Brown needs a clear mask, so his smile can be seen. “Ugh, the most tragic thing about a mask ……. Covering Kane Brown’s smile. Should be illegal. 😞 you need a see-thru mask. 😁 ” they write. Another puts it simply, pairing a mask emoji with the ‘greater than’ sign to show the appreciation of masks: 😷 >. Similarly, another advises all those reading to follow Brown’s lead, saying, “And the moral of the story is …… wear your masks 😷 !! 😎”

Darius Rucker’s Mask is Not Bubba Wallace’s Style

Unlike fans shaming him for wearing a face mask, this was a different kind of shame for a specific brand. Rucker donned a South Carolina Gamecocks football mask. Bubba Wallace was not a fan of the college football team. He shared a disapproving gif in response to his new mask.

Though the two’s preferred sports teams may be rivals, they are famously friends, so Wallace is just joking about the pattern on Rucker’s covering. Others in Darius Rucker’s comments section are fans of his University of South Carolina mask. One fan writes, “Love your mask!!!” and another says “Cool mask! Gotta get one of those!”

Willie Nelson Auctioning Signed Masks

Nelson is auctioning off autographed face masks to raise funds to create more face masks. The proceeds will be used to create more PPE for frontline workers. Additionally, Nelson’s granddaughter is reportedly apart of the cause.

The bandana style masks were signed by the music legend and photos were posted by local ABC affiliate in Houston.

George Strait Sells Merchandise Face Mask for COVID Relief

The King of Country created his own face mask to sell to his fans. 100% of the net proceeds go to MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund. 


Many fans are absolutely loving Strait’s mask. “Ooo I like those masked I wish we didn’t have to where masked but if I have to I might as well in style,” one writes, admitting they don’t love masks, but if they are necessary, then he likes this style. Another similarly writes, “If I am going to wear a mask it will be this 😊❤️🌻”

Though others are angry, claiming masks aren’t don’t help protect. One user writes, “mask don’t work – visit CDC to find out – don’t take my work for it – get the facts your self #dontbeweak #maskdontwork

Another user simply says they don’t believe in the coronavirus. “I would love to wear your mask, George Strait, if I believed this virus scare was real!!!” While fan adds “No facemask here”