Country Throwback: Blake Shelton Cracks Wildly Inappropriate Joke at Concert in 2018

by Thad Mitchell

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are arguably music’s top power couple. With a mix of 2000s pop and feel-good country, you can’t beat the soundtrack of their romance.

Since meeting each other as judges on “The Voice” several years ago, the couple has been head over heels for each other. The two have quite the love story together with another chapter coming in the new year. Friends at first, their romance blossomed over the course of several years. The two prominent singers would spend five years dating before Shelton mustered the courage to ask Stefani the big question.

Shelton popped the question earlier this year in October at his Oklahoma ranch with family present. Stefani said yes to marrying Shelton and the two lovebirds are now in the process of planning their 2021 wedding. Though they don’t have an official date, they plan to wed at the same Oklahoma ranch where they got engaged.

Both Shelton and Stefani are known to have robust senses of humor and provide more than a few laughs for their fans and followers. One such moment came in 2018 when Shelton answers a simple question from a fan in attendance at his concert. The moment was captured on video and, of course, made its way to social media.

“Blake Shelton answer to what he likes about LA and what he likes to do there,” the social media post states.

Blake Shelton Draws Laughter With Response

The country music star was asked by a fan what he likes most about his living quarters in Los Angeles and what he likes to do. His answer sounds like it is straight from a man who is deeply in love.

“Really, my favorite thing about L.A. is that Gwen lives there,” he says. “That’s the God’s honest truth.”

It is his answer to the second half the question that drew a wave laughter from the audience.

“And the one thing I like to do there?” he ponders to himself before answering. “I can’t say her name again can I? That would be inappropriate.”

Despite the singer’s “inappropriate” joke, the entire concert attendance drew a chuckle. Now with their marriage on the horizon, maybe Shelton and Stefani will provide us with even more humorous moments.