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Country Throwback: Blake Shelton Dedicates New Rendition of ‘Honey Bee’ to Betty White in 2013

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Everyone loves Betty White, Blake Shelton included. The country singer once got on stage to profess his love for the Queen of Comedy.

White may be America’s Golden Girl. But she’s also Shelton’s Honey Bee if his 2013 rendition is anything to go by. The country singer was among a star-studded line up to celebrate White’s Second Annual 90th Birthday Celebration in 2013. White had actually turned 91 that year. But she brought 90 back for a second year instead.

Shelton took the stage to celebrate White’s legacy and contributions to the industry. At the time, the country singer was married to Miranda Lambert. He’s set to marry long-time girlfriend Gwen Stefani later this year.

“You see, I’ve got a confession to make,” Shelton said taking the stage. “I’ve always had a little bit of a crush on you. Since I’m a happily married man, I’ve been denying my true feelings for you, but I’m not going to deny them anymore. In fact, I think I can not deny them best in a song.”

Shelton then launched into a very special version of his hit song “Honey Bee,” which released in 2011. Shelton replaced lyrics to reflect White’s career and several of her best roles. He also ended the tune with a rousing toast to White’s career, “Betty, you are the best.”

Betty White Turns 99

Shelton isn’t the only country singer that admires Betty White. In a denouncement that’s sure to turn his wife’s head, singer Luke Bryan admits he wants to get under the mistletoe with the actress. Perhaps, Bryan saw actor Bradley Cooper and felt jealous. Cooper shocked audiences during a “Saturday Night Live” sketch when he smooched “The Golden Girls” actor. A moment drawing a lot of reactions.

At 99, White still turns all the boys’ heads. But this year she’s planning something more low-key than a giant birthday bash. The actor admits she isn’t planning any spectacle for her 99th birthday. Perhaps at just one year shy of triple digits, White wants to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

She has been busy career-wise, acting well into her 90s when most people would have long retired. White will appear in a Lifetime Christmas movie later this year, proving that the work is never quite done. From the early days until now, check out some of the actor’s most iconic moments of her long career.