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Country Throwback: Carrie Underwood Belts ‘Champion’ On Stage With Her Mom at 2019 Show

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Kevin Winter/AMA/Getty Images for AMA

For Carrie Underwood, her champion is her mother.

In 2019 Underwood went on her “Cry Pretty Tour.” She asked fans to send in videos of themselves singing her hit song with Ludacris, “Champion.” All along her tour, each city would have a different guest join her on stage to sing the song.

Carrie Underwood’s Champions

When Underwood got to her home state of Oklahoma, she had her biggest fan of all join her on the big stage. In Tulsa on October 24, 2019, her mom Carole grabbed a mic and helped Underwood belt out the famously fast-paced country tune.

The best part was that Carole effortlessly took over the role of Ludacris. She got through his rap section while Underwood threw in a line every now and then.

Turns out, Underwood comes from a family of rappers.

Carrie Underwood’s hit country song was written by Brett James and Chris DeStefano for her Super Bowl performance. After that, it was also included in coverage for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

In order to make the song, Underwood, James, and DeStefano all researched epic speeches from athletes and movies about sports to create something that would both relate to athletes and the everyday person.

“I’m a fighter like Rocky / Put you flat on your back like Ali / Yeah, I’m the greatest, I’m stronger.”

At the end of the day, a champion goes far beyond athletics.

“I think it started with my parents, they just worked really hard and did everything they could to provide for us and make our lives better and give us every opportunity that they could … In a different sense, you know my husband, on and off the ice, he’s definitely a champion of mine. I see the dedication that he put into his work playing hockey. I admire him so much for that. To see how much he put into, and the love, that he put into his God-given ability was just very inspiring,” Underwood said, according to Song Facts.

The Importance of Family

Besides proving to be quite the rapper, Underwood’s mom also showed off her acting skills in the music video for “Mama’s Song.”

This 2010 single is all about the weight and importance of a mother in life. It tells the story of someone saying she met a man who treats her well and that it’s time to “let your baby fly.”

As her two personal champions, it’s clear that Carrie Underwood has all the love and respect for her parents.

Her parents will celebrate 53 years of marriage this year. In a post in 2018, Underwood shared pictures of her parents and congratulated them on five decades together.

Underwood and her husband, NHL hockey player Mike Fisher, have been married for ten years now. They have a son, Isaiah Michael.

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