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Country Throwback: Carrie Underwood Performs ‘I Know You Won’t’ at 2009 People’s Choice Awards

by Joe Rutland
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Carrie Underwood is a powerhouse on stage or in the studio. Her work is appreciated by fans as shown by a People’s Choice Awards win.

Back in 2009, Underwood sang her hit “I Know You Won’t” in front of them after being introduced on the show by Queen Latifah. The song is one of the tracks off of her 2007 album, “Carnival Ride.”

The song was written by Steve McEwan, Wendell Mobley, and Neil Thrasher.

“You get different feelings from different songs, and that one always just felt soft and vulnerable,” Carrie Underwood said when asked about it. “It’s a song about being disappointed. And, yeah, it’s not so vibrato-heavy – but I guess it’s good that I can do something that sounds different, maybe something surprising.”

Rascal Flatts put their own spin on Underwood’s song, covering it for their 2017 album, “Back To Us.”

Take a few minutes and enjoy Underwood singing “I Know You Won’t.”

Carrie Underwood Song Talks About Lack Of Trust In Love

Within the lyrics of “I Know You Won’t,” Carrie Underwood sings of relationship issues. A woman yearns to be close to her man, tries to buy into what he says, yet ends up sad.

For instance, here are the song’s first two verses. See how it resonates with you.

“I know you don’t mean to be
Mean to me
Cause when you want to
You can make me feel like we belong
We belong

Lately, you make me feel all I am
Is a back-up plan
I say, “I’m done, ” and then you smile at me
And I forget
Everything I said
I buy into those eyes
And into your lies”

Underwood Harkens Back To Christmas As A Child

Those special moments from Christmases gone by are still held close to Underwood’s heart.

They revolve a lot around family, which is something she’s also focusing on these days in her life with her own family.

“We would, on Christmas Eve, we would go to my grandparents’ house,” Underwood said in a press release. “Us kids were always responsible for putting oranges and apples and bananas in little paper bags. And we would go down to the nursing home and sing Christmas carols.”

She recalls decorating the house during the week after Thanksgiving. Carrie Underwood said her desire is to create similar memories for her sons Isaiah and Jacob.

“For me growing up, Christmas was always just comforting,” Underwood said. “We always had the same stockings and the same tree and the same decorations. And we would always decorate the weekend right after Thanksgiving. You know, flip the Christmas switch, put the tree up.

“Now that we’re adults and have kids, we can go to the Christmas tree farm and we can walk around. And we can pick out which one and ask Isaiah, ‘Which one do you think?’ Just things like that, making those memories,” she said. “It’s just a joyful time of year.”

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